Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The YAYA Hunt Begins!

Admittedly, I don't think I will survive without a helper.  This is the main reason why I never dreamed of living abroad where helpers are scarce. If worse comes to worst, I do know how to run household chores, because we were trained as little girls by my mama. But quoting my MIL "What is Px,xxx for all the help you'll get?"

Now that I'm gonna be a mother, the helper alone won't manage it. She's good with the cleaning and the laundry, the cooking part--so so-- but she cannot multi-task yet.  So I will need a full time yaya.

Thank God for parents and in-laws who have connections everywhere. It's so easy to find one from our province. The daunting task is selecting the RIGHT one. So far, we have our options already, and she has to report at least a month before I return to work so I could train her properly.

Important tips when searching for a Yaya:
1. Better if you know the family where she's from. An agency-based yaya is scary!
2. Have her get an NBI clearance first, for record & protection.
3. DON'T FORGET to get her a medical exam, especially for contagious diseases.

My sister had a bad experience with #3. She got a good yaya but it turned out the yaya was sick with early stage of TB! Scary! They had to treat her for 6 months. I dunno if she was the reason why my nephew got primary complex at almost the same time they found out she had TB.

How about you? What's your experience with the Yaya search?

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