Monday, December 31, 2012

Rocco tours Tacloban for the first time!

As if naman madami mapupuntahan :) Because there was a storm from December 25 to 26, we had no choice but to stay home and enjoy the cold weather and enticing bed. Thank you kay Papa God and Mr. Sunshine decided to show up by the 27th.  Since we had no itinerary at all, I made a last minute decision to tour Rocco around Tacloban. Kill time lang before we die of boredom :)
What's a Tacloban tour without stepping on the majestic San Juanico Bridge? Still as beautiful as ever but we were also freaking out because the bridge trembled everytime a big truck would pass by.
We also went to Palo to visit the McArthur Park and the new Oriental Hotel, but first, we had a stopover at the coconut stalls and sipped fresh buko juice.
As usual Rocco was his active and hyper self. Hindi kaya ng powers ng isang tao lang ang magbabantay sa kanya.
Of course we had our group shot taken with Lolo McArthur and his gang.
We then headed off to the newly renovated Oriental Hotel to kill off time while waiting for my side of the family. We planned to visit the Christmas lights in Palo before having our dinner at Ocho. Here's a nighttime shot of the Oriental pool area.
Rocco didn't get tired for a bit even if it was already night time.
 Thanks to Mama Flor, we were able to visit the Saboren Christmas House ahead of everyone else. We were granted a special viewing before the public gate was opened. Ang ganda!
 Here's our group shot. Those two cute girls are my nieces, my kuya darling daughters.
Papa was also with us (the guy in red) though he didn't go inside the house because he was looking after our cars parked outside.

After our mini tour, we headed off to a yummy and sulit dinner at Ocho. By that time, pagoda na kaming lahat, especially me kasi wala akong bitbit na yaya for Rocco, kaya no more pictures.

It was just a mini-tour but it still turned out to be fun, especially because we spent the day with our families :) Till our next vacation!

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