Thursday, September 1, 2011

The Baby is Squirmy!

Rocco (YES! That's our baby's name) is starting to get extra squirmy. Normally, I'd feel his extreme movements from 10PM onwards, when I'm lying down in bed.

But last night was EPIC!

We had our lights out at 12MN (I'm insomniac, but trying hard to sleep early) when Rocco suddenly made sharp somersault movements which were a bit painful. I savored the moment for a while, but it was getting too sharp, and I could already feel either his head or butt protruding to one side. My tummy was getting deformed!

I couldn't sleep through it anymore, so in total darkness, I started talking to my baby. I told him mama had to rest, and it's late already. I think my baby was listening to me because suddenly, he stopped moving :)

It was such a warm feeling, knowing that my baby was actually listening to me, even when he's still inside my tummy!

I slept soundly after that with a smile on my face, thanks to my baby :)

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