Thursday, August 4, 2011

My First Ever Pregnancy Test

I was only a day delayed. Normally, my cycle would go for only 24 days, but there used to be months when I’d go from 25 to 28. The longest was 29 days, and I think it only happened once.
So I told Sieg about it and we went to Watsons to buy a kit. Well, I bought 4 kits just to be sure :) 
I couldn’t wait any longer so after lunch break, I took the test, and it turned out 2 lines.
I’ve never really tried this type of test so I wasn’t sure if the one I used was accurate. Simply put, I wasn’t convinced yet.
Around 5 hours later, I took another one, and the result was still the same.
I started researching for accuracy rates of pregnancy tests. I didn’t want to keep my hopes up because I would definitely be depressed if it turned out false.
I also asked for referrals for OB Doctors and scheduled an appointment the next day.
I got a good one, Dra. Belinda Panares of Chong-Hua Hospital.
On my appointment day, I tested for the last time.
It still turned out 2 lines.
I was convinced this time :)

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