Monday, August 15, 2011

Apartment Therapy!

Aside from searching online for baby stuff, my current obssession is apartment therapy! I learned about this site when I read a tweet from Patty Laurel raving about it.

I love everything about the site, especially the kitchen ideas, color palettes,  and tips to maximize storage space. From the house tours, to DIY projects, I'm at awe at how these creative people were able to design their interiors, usually at a limited space.

Here are some of my favorites! Visit and be amazed! SOON, I'll be able to put into good use all the great ideas I'm getting from this site :)

Look at how the space beneath the stairs was maximized into a storage area.
Another view of the storage space below the stairs.

I love this dining corner! The L-shaped seater can be doubled as storage space.
Another version of the L-shaped dining corner.
I love the kitchen island. So simple yet functional.
This one too!
I'm loving the white walls! It allows you to play with colors.

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