Friday, August 5, 2011

Why Can't We Improve Our Maternity Leave?

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For a working mom-to-be like me, any chance of additional paid maternity leaves will be so welcomed! It would give me, and others alike, a chance to fully recuperate and bond more with the baby.

In Sweden, they have a 16-month maternity leave. In UK, they grant up to 52 weeks, in Canada 35 weeks. Read more about paid maternity leaves in other countries here.

Here in the Philippines, we lowly workers are compelled to pay for SSS contributions, but the benefits are not grandstanding. Currently, SSS grants 60 paid days off (including weekends) for normal births, and 78 paid days off for caesarian operations.

I'm still confused as to how they actually compute the rate. Based on my experience a few years back when I applied for a one month sick leave due to my thyroid operation, I was ripped off big time. I received only half of what I was supposed to! I didn't bother complaining anymore because processing in SSS is too taxing!

So when I heard about House Bill 3973 known as "An act increasing maternity leave benefits from 60 to 120 days, or four months", I suddenly became hopeful! There is hope for the Philippines! :)

But before I rejoice too much, the bill was filed 2008, and it's now 2011. In Tagalog, "ANONG PETSA NA?!"

I hope this government puts more importance on women's welfare aka maternity leaves, especially since DOH is actively promoting exclusive breastfeeding until the baby reaches 6th month.

To know more about the house bill, click here.


  1. D - with pay ang ML dito. Kapag wala kang work katulad ko, may minimum kang ma received. Hanggang bago mag seven yrs old ang bata pwede mong i avail. Imagine. Hindi naman dito pinanganak si sopya pero, nakakuha ako. Tig 180 days kayo ni hubby. Or pwedeng ibigay sa yo ang 120 days nya. so may 300 days ang mommy with pay. :) Sana maranasan din ng ibang mommies yan.

  2. oo nga, ang sarap garet! sana meron ding ganyan dito sa Pinas. kaso, asa pa. parang kulang talaga ang 2months leave, sinasama pa nila sa pagbilang ang sat/sun, pati holidays. sana weekdays nalang ang bilangan para mas matagal naman ang pahinga.



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