Friday, September 28, 2012

The Past and the Present

I opened my old Multiply because I heard it's closing soon (HOW TRUE?) and I wanted to check if I still had photo albums that I could back up.

Then I chanced upon my blog. Nakakatuwa naman basahin ang old posts ko. Reminiscing lang ang peg ko. This one I wrote when I was getting crazy with my hectic schedule as a working student.
Written last April 27, 2008

It has been months since I last wrote in my blog. Instead, I've been continually cramming to finish and submit endless papers for my MBA. Haaaaayyyy...I wish I can fastrack time and end it all.

Pero sabi, never complain. Ok, I'm not complaining. I'm just destressing :) Seriously, I've had a lot of crazy things going on since the year started. Mapapantayan ko na ata ang hectic schedule ng showbiz people. Sana ganon din ako kalakas kumita :)

Seriously again, these are crazy times. My schedule is so crazy that sometimes, I'm amazed that my body is still holding on. Thanks to my daily dose of vitamin C and my conscious effort to eat healthy stuff, hindi pa naman ako nagbbreakdown. Malapit na cguro. Speaking of healthy eating, I have to give credit to my ever dearest Siegfred for being my great influence on that department. He's my in-house nutritionist. Hehe. insomnia is kicking in, and it's gonna kill me in no time. My body is tired, but my mind is still pumping adrenaline hormones. I had a hectic week preparing for a nationwide event, medical appointments to attend to,  school stuff to finish (1 full video, 3 presentations, 4 written papers), night classes to attend, events to maneuver and oversee, had to endure fattening hotel food, deprive myself of long sleep on a Saturday morning because I had a 9-3PM class, despite the fact that I slept at 3AM the night before.......the list just goes on.
I deserve a real break so I could just hide off to some secluded beach with Siegfred. Huhuhu...Ok lang, malapit na.

That was my life when I was still single, full of adventure, fun, and crazy schedules. Now, I cannot imagine going back to the "old" life. I'm getting old now, and I cannot take the crazy schedule anymore. Not when I have to wake up early mornings to feed my son and change his diaper.

My life now revolves around my family. Yes, my social life has been put to a hault though I try to squeeze in some time with friends. 

On a normal day, we are forced to wake up early because the little boy wakes up early. I prepare his breakfast, feed him, bathe him, prepare myself, eat breakfast, and we're off to work. Throughout the day, I constantly check on Rocco and the girls.

Weekends are sacred. I run a household with my husband, which takes a lot of skill and communication, if I must say. We do groceries, go to the wet market once a week, make schedules for our househelp, and plan out our menus. All the extra time we have, we spend on quality time with our boy.

But I'm not complaining. I love this life! This is what I've always wanted!

All while eating chocolate cake!

 The POKER Look
 The BORED Look
 The HAPPY Look
The WAWA Look

Halo-halong Kwento: Series 1

Last night, while driving home from S&R, I asked hubby.
"Do you miss your single days when you used to live with your friends in one compound and just do spontaneous activities with them?"

Hubby replied.

"I'm done with that. I want to spend my days now with you and Rocco."

Abot tenga ang smile ko :)


Yesterday, I woke up with wet cheeks.
Rocco was smothering me with kisses.

So sweet of my son :)


Yesterday I called home to check on Rocco.

I asked the little boy, "Are you eating now?"

He said, "Ya!"

I said, "I love you"

He replied back "Ayayo"

I'm on a high! :)


Rocco's yaya reported that the little boy has been picky with his food.

He did not eat his lugaw.

He only ate little portions of bread, mango, avocado.

This morning, I fed him choco marble cake from S&R.

He was able to finish 1 thick slice! With matching cry pa when I said enough na.

Marunong na mamili ang anak ko. High maintenance ito! :)

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Sharing something that I haven't really talked about

I underwent a major surgery last March 2009. It was so major, and almost life-threatening. I didn't tell anybody except for my family and boyfriend because I couldn't deal with the questions that time. I wanted to focus on my surgery and recovery.

When I got admitted in Tacloban last December 2007 because of high-grade fever which turned out to be dengue, I got another rather shocking diagnosis. I had a mass in my throat, somewhere near my thyroid.

I immediately had a biopsy when I returned to Manila and it turned out to be benign. THANK GOD! Still, I consulted with an endocrinologist who prescribed thyroid pills to balance off my hormones because I was having hypothyroidism. The goal was to reduce the mass. I religiously took my pill daily for a year, and had the regular blood tests to monitor my thyroid hormones.
After a year, the mass still kept on growing. Pardon my look, but this was the only picture I could find where the mass is visible. This was taken while I was vacationing in Bohol, a few days before my operation. Yes, I went on vacation before going under the knife. See the quite obvious bulge on the lower left of my neck? That's the mass, which grew many centimeters more than expected, despite my pill therapy.

My doctor gave me two options, to just keep the mass in my body and let it grow (they were suspecting it was goiter, which runs in the family), or remove it. I consulted with other doctors (traditional and alternative), and researched intensively on the pros and cons. I decided I wanted to have it removed.

My sister's sister-in-law who is a doctor at St.Luke's also had the same case, but hers turned out to be thyroid cancer, and she underwent radioactive iodine chemo after her surgery. She recommended her doctor, and arranged for the operation. After undergoing so many tests, I was given the green light for my operation.

The night before my operation, I was already admitted at St.Luke's and a horrible accident happened. Mama, Papa, Ate Dynah, and Ed (her husband) went out to Pizza Hut which was just across St. Lukes QC to have dinner. After crossing the street going back to my room, they were ran over by a speeding jeep. If not for the metal railing in between them and the jeep, they would have been totally ran over, and God knows what else would have happened. To this day, I still thank God for keeping them safe that night. I was only told of the accident when they were released from ER. Kawawa talaga silang lahat. Bugbog katawan nila. Mama had a head concussion, Papa's toenails were slightly removed, Ate Dynah who just gave birth that time also had severe "pasa".

Going back to my operation, I hardly slept because of the freak accident and the nervousness combined. I asked for sleeping pills before I was wheeled to the OR. For that, I have no memory at all of my operation, just the way I wanted it. When I woke up, I was already in the recovery room, and the first thing I checked was my voice  if it was still intact. Sabi kasi ng doctor ko, if worse comes to worst, aside from possible cancer, my voicebox would be the one affected by the operation, and I could totally lose my voice.

Anyway, my voice was retained, thanks to my great surgeon, and I had no cancer! They had another biopsy on the actual specimen and it turned out to be colloidal goiter. I recovered pretty well after almost a month of home arrest. To this day, I still have the scar, pero konti lang. I got tired of using Contractubex, and quite honestly, I love seeing the scar on my neck. It reminds me of the near death experience and makes me appreciate my life more.

 This was after the operation, when I was wheeled back to the room. It was a good decision to take the sleeping pills before going under the knife. I had no scary memories.
 Sieg & I were still on long-distance during my operation. He flew from Cebu in time for my operation.
 I remember feeling really OK and did not experience extreme pain during my recovery. The difficult part was shampooing my head because I could not bend or stretch my neck for 2weeks after the operation. My mama was with me the whole time, from my operation to my 2-week recovery in Manila, until I was allowed to fly to Tacloban to continue my recovery there. She shampooed my hair every other day while I was lying in bed.
Taken during my discharge day. May energy pa ako magmake-up. Nakaka good mood kasi :)

Photo blast from the past: My Ateneo MBA Days

I was scanning my external HDD when I found all my pictures neatly organized by year, and by occasion. Isa lang ang masasabi ko, I looked so thin and young in most of my pictures! Kelan kaya? Maibabalik ko pa kaya ang aking maalindog na katawan? Hahaha! I got really inspired and I pray that I have enough discipline to really diet this time.

Unfortunately, hindi pa uso ang Facebook during my Ateneo MBA days. Buti nalang I was bit of a camwhore since then so may pictures naman akong napreserve.

Pardon the photo overload. I'm reminiscing my MBA days (and my beautiful body, LOL!).

 This was taken last October 22, 2008 during our Marcom (Marketing Communications) Finals Presentation. I love how I looked here. Sakto lang.
 Asan na kaya ang blouse ko na ito? Gusto ko talaga!
Ang payat naman ng arms ko dito!
 This was taken last July 5, 2008 during our Marketing Management Finals.
This was also taken sometime July 2008 for our Human Resources Management Finals.
 Taken last October 25, 2008 after our STRAMA Class. We were a really fun and happy bunch. 
Ang payat ko lang dito. 
 Taken sometime March 2009 when my Atenean friends and I went to Cebu & Bohol for summer. I brought Sieg along with us.
My gosh! Ang liit ng tummy ko. Kailangan ko ata ng one million situps para maibalik ito :)
 Taken last November 2009. We went to Tagaytay Highlands and spent the weekend there. 
Gosh. Kita pa collarbone ko dito.
Taken last January 2010 for one of my despedida gimmicks before transferring to Cebu. GoodEarth was our favorite hangout in Rockwell. 
Taken last August 2009 during our graduation rites.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Happy 10th!

Has it been 10 months? How fast time flies! In 2 months time, my first child will be a year old. Wow! Sometimes, I look at Rocco in awe, mesmerized by his flawless skin, chinky eyes, super straight hair, his charming smile, and just everything about him.

He seems older than his age. He communicates through words and actions. He clearly calls us mama and papa now. He recognizes us in pictures, and can point out properly who is mama and papa. When he dislikes something, he shakes his head. He know how to wave "hi", or signal "bye-bye". He can follow close-open well, and can align with his forefinger. He loves looking for hidden objects, especially his toys which I hide from him just to see if he can find them.

He's also learning how to walk now. He cruises around, while holding on to furnitures, or the edge of his crib. When outside, we hardly use the stroller or walker anymore, because he prefers to walk with us guiding him. He opens bags, drawers, boxes, or just about anything he can hold on to. He makes pa-beautiful eyes, and can really dish out a really cute smile. The list goes on and on.

Before I got pregnant, I seriously doubted if I can last for long taking care of a baby. Ako pa! But when I had Rocco, I found motherhood so gratifying, no amount of sleepless nights and days can ever compensate for the happiness and contentment that Rocco has brought to our lives.

Happy 10th month to our little shaolin! 
We love you ten times over!

Lovin the outdoors!

I'm still undecided if we'll ever give in to the pressures of raising a gadgety child. Everywhere I go, children have Ipads and gadgets with them. I wonder if they ever go out and play dirty in the streets, just like the old good days.

We want Rocco to experience an active childhood, where he will play outside till he smells like araw already. We want him to learn the traditional games of sipa, dakop-dakopay, tumba-lata, lanat-lanatay, holens, and many more. We want him to be active and explore his surroundings.

Thank God the little boy seems to have a liking for the outdoors. He enjoys it everytime we're outside the house!
 We allow him to get dirty once in a while.
 Our morning ritual and weekend ritual. Strolling around the village. 
He loves the outdoors so much that I fed him his afternoon snacks in the garage. 
Tambay lang ang peg.

At least this is a good start! Ok lang maging amoy araw at nognog ang anak ko, kesa naman nakahilata sa harap ng TV at gadgets buong araw :)

Saturday, September 22, 2012

See you around, BFF's

I'm sad. The Crisostomo family (Fiona, JayR & Baby Geboy), whom we consider as close family friends, are relocating to Davao as part of Jayr's work assignment.

Pano na ang BFF's?! Rocco and Geboy were born just a month apart and it was always our wishful thinking that they would grow up together, have playdates, and become best buddies.

I guess they would have to manage a long distance relationship then :) I'm sure we're gonna visit them in Davao, and maybe we'll have meet-ups all over, in Manila, Tacloban, or plan an out of the country trip together with our kiddos!

Definitely no goodbyes, just see you around!

And the teeth just keep on growing!

Friday, September 21, 2012

A Mother's Greatest Fear

When I found out I was pregnant with Rocco, my initial reaction was fear. For one, I have a thyroid problem and it causes my hormones to fluctuate. I was afraid it might cause issues with my pregnancy, especially since I was told time and time again that I may have difficulty conceiving because a part of my thyroid was removed already. Second, during the time I conceived Rocco, I just had my wisdom tooth extracted, and had another root canal procedure to repair another tooth. I was heavily under medication that time.

So through out my pregnancy, there was always that fear of my baby coming out with defects. No mother ever wants that. I thank God that Rocco was born healthy, and continues to be healthy up to this day. Of course, the future is always uncertain. With the environment we are living in nowadays, diseases and illnesses are rampant. We never know when it will ever strike us, or a member of our family (HOPEFULLY NOT!).

That is why I was in awe when I came across these two blogs of inspiring mothers whose children were afflicted with childhood diseases. I tell you, I was consistently brawling every time I read their blogs. I felt their pain and their fears because I am a mother myself. I cannot imagine being in their position. 

Read on and be inspired. 

To the two mothers, Maya and Anjie, I salute you! I will continue to pray for your family. Stay blessed!

Daddy, NO means NO!

Monday, September 17, 2012

Rocco's Stranger Anxiety

We really should be exposing Rocco more to other people. As much as possible, I tell her yaya to bring Rocco out in the afternoon and stroll around the village so he would see more faces aside from us. You see, Rocco exhibits behavior of stranger anxiety. Everytime he sees a new face who coos him, he really gets upset, cries, and clings on to me or his Daddy for his dear life. He's like this with his grandparents and to our friends.

Recently, we had visitors in the house, and as usual, Rocco was uneasy and cried a lot. I wonder when this will change. I'm worried he'll still be like this on November when the whole family will be in Cebu for his birthday. Baka iyakan blues nalang kami nito the whole time :)

 Rocco was already softening up to his Lola Theda after 2 days of cooing. Still the little boy stiffened when carried by his Lola.
Rocco woke up from his sleep and was startled to see a lot of unfamiliar faces cooing him. Naturally, he cried! I had to soothe him a lot, but still he relented, so I had to bring him upstairs to our room so he could calm down :)
But when it's just us at home, the little boy is super smiling and laughing always.

According to this online article:

"Sometime around 6 months, babies get worried about being around people that they don't see everyday. You may see your baby's"disengagement cues" at the very first sight of friends and relatives. She may cling to you frantically and cry if anyone else tries to hold her. Even though this reaction may be inconvenient and sometimes embarrassing, it is an important step for your baby."

"Stranger anxiety signals two good things. First, your baby has decided that you represent a safe haven for her. Second, your baby is probably gaining physical skills that allow her to move away from you like rolling, creeping, and crawling. Her anxiety ensures that she doesn't move too far away from those who will protect her. As she improves her skills to explore her world, her instincts tell her to stay close. Stranger anxiety doesn't completely go away but lessens by the time babies are 18 to 24 months old."

I guess we just have to be patient with this behavior, and pray that Rocco will get over it soon! Sayang naman ang smile nya if our family and friends cannot witness it straight from the little charming boy :)

Helper Woes

I'm not one to publicize my problems in this blog. In fact, I want this blog to be a source of positivism. But on the other hand, I want it also to be a source of information from my real-life experiences as a wife, a mother, and a homemaker.

The past week, I've been so stressed because of domestic issues. My helper, the one assigned to household chores, asked permission last July if she can go home this September. I asked her why. She said, she wanted to attend her baby brother's baptism who was already 16months old, but wasn't baptized yet because they did not have money.

Just to give a short background.

I got this helper, let's call her ANNA, from my mother's hometown. Her nanay is a go-to errand person in my mother's ancestral house. Everytime they need someone to do laundry, cook for occasions, or what have you, they go to her Nanay who is paid on a per assignment basis. Mind you, they're paid big for the rate usually given in municipalities. Her nanay is a hard worker, but is known to be *excuse me for the word* mukhang pera. Her tatay has no job and an alcoholic. They are 7 siblings, the youngest is 16 months old. Her nanay is 46years old (HELLO RH BILL!).

In my other post, I shared that she was supposed to be Rocco's yaya, but I switched her to the household help because of skillset issues.

She started with us November 2011, and hasn't reached yet the 1st year tenure. Her starting pay was in accordance with the law, as stipulated in the Kasambahay Bill. She had free grocery allocation each month, free medicine, very comfortable sleeping conditions, only worked for 4-6 hours a day. I was supposed to enroll her to SSS and Philhealth but she could not provide a birth certificate. I feel that I've been a good employer to her. We treated her very well.

She was the quiet type, rarely talked, and I thought she was just the shy type. But I guess it's really true. Beware of the quiet person, because they might just stab you in the back without you knowing.

After a few months, her Nanay started making salary advances. I was very vocal that I do not want this setup because Anna would no be motivated to work anymore if she does not receive her pay on a monthly basis because it's been advanced. I wanted to avoid situations wherein she will be forced to steal because all her money went to her Nanay. But my mother told me it's so difficult to find household help nowadays. Still, I disagreed. It was my mother who gave the advance salary to her Nanay. She initially wanted 5 months advance. We only allowed 3 months.

Now come vacation time. I asked Anna if she had budget for her trip home. Our arrangement when we took her in is, she would only get 1 free vacation fare, and that would be for December. If she is to take other vacations, it would be unpaid, and she would shoulder her expenses.

She said if I could pay first for her expenses. Utang nalang daw. I didn't want to argue anymore so I just bought her the cheapest ticket I could get.

She was set to leave September 5. Prior to that, I arranged for her travel. I prepared her food, her snacks, her water. I prepared everything to make her trip comfortable. My husband dropped her off the pier. We gave her ample load allowance so she could text us regularly on her whereabouts.

When she arrived in their hometown, which is the same hometown as my mother, that's when her true colors came out. She made up stories that I did not give her salary before going home.  She went home Sept 5. She was supposed to be back Sept 10. Her salary was due Sept 15. I was told that her Nanay got mad because she did not dole out any money to them.

When it was time for her to come back to Cebu, she said she doesn't want to come back anymore. I asked her why. She had a lot of dramatic reasons. But the simple truth is, she and her Nanay orchestrated everything so I would be obliged to give her another salary increase.  I told her she still had 3months of advance, how would she pay for it? She said she doesn't owe me anything.

They were putting me on a tight edge because they knew I was desperate to have a helper. Of course, I did not give in to their drama. I asked my Tita to look for another helper, and THANK YOU LORD, she found one on the same day, and they arrived in Cebu safely. This new helper is so amiable, always smiling, and I hope she will stay that way for a long time.

Looking back at this recent experience, I can't help but reflect:

1. I am one to help, but I feel more open to help to those who are humble, who does not pre-empt my help and says thank you.
2. Being more well off is not a sin. Why should I be guilty if I can buy a house, or my own beautiful things? I work hard. I pay my dues.
3. Why are those who are less fortunate the ones who are arrogant? It's as if we owe it to them to make their life easier, but they do not even help themselves. The nanay and tatay do not work, while they ship of their children to be human slaves while they wait for the monthly salaries.
4. I really felt really hurt with what they did because I truly cared for Anna, had high hopes for her, and even included her in our future plans.

Oh well, it's their choice to bury themselves to the ground.  I'm just happy because God looks after us. So far, I'm happy and satisfied with our new househelp.

Note: I got a text telling me that my previous helper regret what happened and was just hoping that I increase her salary. Well, it's the biggest lesson learned for her. Nasa huli talaga ang pagsisisi.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Rocco's Hair Evolution

When Rocco was born, he had cradle cap.  According to Wikipedia:

Cradle cap (infantile or neonatal seborrhoeic dermatitis, also known as crusta lacteamilk crusthoneycomb disease) is a yellowish, patchy, greasy, scaly and crusty skin rash that occurs on the scalp of recently born babies. It is usually not itchy, and does not bother the baby. Cradle cap most commonly begins sometime in the first 3 months. Similar symptoms in older children are more likely to be dandruff than cradle cap. The rash is often prominent around the ear, the eyebrows or the eyelids. It may appear in other locations as well, where it is called seborrhoeic dermatitis rather than cradle cap.

His pedia told us that normally it would just go away by itself, but a small percentage would carry it on to adulthood. Whaaat!! What made it worse was his cradle cap scattered to around 3/4 of his scalp and it blocked off most of his hair growth.  I was seriously scared.

I couldn't wait till the flakes would fall off by itself. Despite initial opposition from the Daddy, I peeled off soft portions of the patch. It's best to do this after bath time because it's when the scalp if very soft. Of course, I didn't force the patches to peel off. I religiously massaged his scalp for over a month until everything was gone.

And his hair started to crazy! I didn't notice it at first, but as I browsed through his old pics, his hair really did grow a lot!
It started out as eeny weeny hair spouts standing on his head. By his 7th month, Rocco almost had a head full of hair! Akala mo toddler na :) Now, his hair is always messy because he is always active and sweaty, and refuses when his hair is combed.

My solution: Tie the untidy bangs! The daddy opposed it (for obvious reasons) but when I showed him that rashes were starting to develop on Rocco's forehead because of hair irritation, then he succumbed to the baby's new hairstyle :)

When Rocco turns 1 year old, we will head off to the kiddie barber shop to have his first haircut! I'm thinking of a nice & clean Rizal look, but the Daddy wants it mohawk!

Nakakaloka. Good thing is, we still have a few months to compromise on that :)

Sunday, September 9, 2012

My Sundates

Our new place is super kid & family friendly. There's a lot of open space where children can bike, walk or run around. It's also a plus that most of our neighbors are also young parents with little kids so Rocco has a lot of future playmates. I like it also that the village is compact. I think there are less than 50 houses here so it's less crowded. Sikat na nga si Rocco dito! During weekends, Rocco and I stroll around the village and everytime, our neighbors would call out to him "Rocco, Rocco!" Aba, ang daming fans ng aking anak! Todo smile naman kasi :)
Rocco is used to being outdoors. His yaya said every afternoon, Rocco wants to be outside. Even in the morning, after he wakes up, he would cry until I bring him outside for our morning walk.

Since we heard the anticipated mass yesterday in time for Mama Mary's birthday, we just stayed home the whole Sunday. Early this afternoon, we took the baby out for his afternoon walk. Of course, he had to get dirty! Ang kulit, pero ang cute! :)

I love my Sundates! Just the perfect kind of day for me :)

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Working From Home

Sometimes, I contemplate on being a stay-at-home mommy. I will have more time with Rocco, monitor him well, and I will be there on his every milestone.

On the other hand, working also gives me a sense of fulfillment. More importantly, I grew up with both of my parents working, yet all the time, I never felt that the love and attention they gave us were ever inadequate. They were always there for the big & small moments, and always made sure that we're their number 1 priority.

I guess it's all about work-life balance. It was easier then. Or maybe, people just tend to complicate life nowadays. If my mother was able to do it, then I guess I can. I get so much inspiration from her.

Anyway, I'm blessed because I work for a company who allows me to have a flexible schedule. I can also work from home when the need arises.

Yesterday, I worked from home because our helper went kaput. She'll be away for around 6 days, so it's a bit of an adjustment for all of us.

The yaya mostly tended to the household chores that the helper left, while I worked, and at the same time looked after Rocco. He's in the semi-independent stage now so I just placed him in the crib for most of the day. Anyway, when I carry him, all he does is climb on me, just like what he does on the crib. He can play on his own without getting bored, and can stand on the edges of his playpen. I just turned on the TV so he would have something else to look at (I KNOW! BAD MOMMY!).
Rocco was so happy to have me around because he did not sleep at all during the day! He did not even poopoo! He's like that during weekends when we are home. By 6PM, the little boy was so sleepy already, but of course we had our sponge bath and playtime first. I miss this a lot because sometimes we go home late, so I just ask the yaya to sponge bath him. I'm a bit sad about this because I made it a personal goal to be the one to always put Rocco to sleep at night.

Kaya, this got me contemplating. I know it's a no-brainer. I will choose home over office anytime if only the circumstances will allow it. Kelan kaya?

Monday, September 3, 2012

Hello Monday! Who's Got Beautiful Eyes?

Good morning everyone!!!

Yes, despite the lack of sleep, I still feel alive and rejuvenated. Maybe because of this perfume I'm wearing today, nakakagising!

So much has happened the past weekend.

First was the really strong earthquake last Friday night. I was upstairs in our room looking after Rocco who was sleeping soundly already. Then I felt the room move. It was an earthquake indeed. I just stayed put and waited calmly if it will stop. IT DIDN'T and IT JUST GOT STRONGER! By this time, Sieg was rushing upstairs to get us down. I scooped Rocco who was still sound asleep and we were ready to get out of the house na. The chandeliers were swaying wildly. Thankfully, we were spared from any damage or destruction. Ironically, I didn't panic while it was happening. As soon as the earthquake stopped, we went back to our room and I put Rocco to the bed again.

On a more positive kwento, we went to Rocco's pedia last Saturday for his 9th month checkup, which was also the schedule for his measles vaccine. I'm so happy because Rocco is a well baby! He now weighs 9.8kilos and a whooping 80cm in height! Mejo on the lean side nga lang ang body frame nya. I doubt nga if he will really get fat and chubby kasi SUPER LIKOT nya! I swear! He's only 9 months pero parang toddler na ang kalikutan nya!

Yesterday, we just stayed in the house because Rocco caught a mild cough & cold. It was also raining hard. I love spending lazy days with my family! The whole time, we were just playing, and I was coercing the little boy to show me his beautiful eyes :)
Rocco is so funny! He never fails to make us laugh, and always puts a huge smile on our faces. Here he's making pa-cute with his naughty grin, and finally he showed his beautiful eyes! ENJOY!


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