Monday, August 29, 2011


We currently live in a townhouse in a nice neighborhood here in Cebu. The space is just enough for me and hubby, plus guests who drop by occasionally, and a helper who has her own room at the ground floor.

When the baby arrives, our spacious cutey house will be all cluttered and tight, so I have to organize as much as I can to find space for the baby and all his stuff.

We've been living here for almost a year now but I still have boxes still unpacked! YES, that's me. I've got tons of boxes that I had shipped from Manila last year, which I haven't unpacked yet because I couldn't find a space for them.

These are currently in the guest room, which I've turned into a storage room because nobody's using it. There's a box full of magazines, another one full of clothes,  my PC computer which I'm not using but hubby doesn't want to dispose, and more. When the baby arrives, these have to go away.

We bought storage boxes from SM so I could organize my closet and find a space for the baby. The bags and clothes used to be stashed in our room, but voila, they're now in the storage boxes. I still have an extra box for my unused clothes.

We don't want to spend renovating for a storage space bacause this is not our permanent home, and we'll be moving out sometime next year.  All the stuff for storage will find their way to the maid's room and the service area.

How about you? How do you declutter your space?

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