Sunday, April 29, 2012

Rocco & I at our favorite hangout

After hearing the morning mass, Sieg attended the opening program of their inter-company basketball league so we lounged at CBTL while waiting for him to finish up.
It was just Rocco and Mommy together. We brought the girls along but they strolled around the mall because it was their first time to be there.
 I love the Baby Couture bag! So stylish and chic, yet packs up all the baby essentials. 
 Two grannies also spent their afternoon at the coffee shop. So touching to witness an old couple still doing the dating stuff. They were with a yaya.
 Everywhere we go with Rocco, we must have the native fan. Rocco is so sweaty like his dad, and sometimes, the aircon cannot keep him comfortable and dry.
We coined the nickname "Rocco Popo" because the baby seems to poop on every new place we go to.  I thought this time he wouldn't poop because before we left the house, he was already done. But no!!! He just had to baptize the place. Here he is after being freshened up :)

'Twas such lovely Sunday, a great way to the start the week!
xoxo, Dianey

Friday, April 27, 2012

From Tummy to Tushy

Last night, Rocco wanted some tummy time so we played a while before having our nightly sponge bath. The little boy only had eyes for his Giraffe friend named Jenny. To encourage him to practice his motor skills, we placed the Giraffe a few inches away from him so he can try to reach for her. Rocco tried so hard to lift his tushy, and extend his arms, so that he could hold his toy. That's what you call motivation!
In the process, he drooled :) Well, that's because babies have not mastered yet the skill of "paglunok." Our bed smells like baby saliva. Such a heavenly smell. LOL

Rocco usually wakes up early at around 5:00AM, and he doesn't sleep until after bath time. To maximize our energy, hubby and I take turns waking up early to play with the little boy. This morning, it was Sieg's turn. He usually plays with Rocco in bed or in the sofa, and when the sun is up, takes the baby out for a stroll. Well, this morning, I was in for a surprise. When I woke up, this is what I saw!

Rocco was sitting down on his tushy, WITHOUT SUPPORT!!! (OK, the pillow is still a support, but still! And by the way, tushy is baby lingo for bum or butt) I was so happy and excited, I just grabbed the camera and took photos of him. Nawala ang antok ko :)

How much more if he learns to crawl, then walk, I would surely jump up and down in happiness :)

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

A Salute!

Motherhood brought out the sentimental and emotional side of me. I easily swoon over cute kids, laugh at silly jokes, and cry over dramatic parenting videos.

Well, this one did it, though I think both parents should be given equal appreciation in raising Olympian-like kids! (But it's almost Mother's Day, so it's OK, highlight on the Mom please :P )
I remember my two elder sisters had ballet classes during their summers, and my kuya joined a Milo basketball tournament several times. Well for me, my best recollection was attending a summer class for Microsoft Office 101. When I was a kid, I never got into serious sports. I don't even remember joining recitals, joining tournaments, or competing in Intramurals or Sportsfest. I don't blame my parents for it. We are four kids, and maybe they just got too tired when it was my turn (I am the youngest).

Looking back, I wish I got into sports. It would have helped me become more active in exercise, and actually have the discipline to sustain it. I envy those whose hobbies include playing volleyball, badminton, run marathons, while I enjoying eating, watching movies, or sleeping. Haha! Talk about a sedentary lifestyle.

Well I am a mom now. I won't promise to make Rocco an Olympian, but I hope Sieg and I can expose him to the world of sports. I'm sure we will, especially because Sieg is such a sports buff. I imagine them playing basketball, swimming, or running marathons together. I know it takes great commitment and sacrifice bringing my son to practice, attending to his extra-curricular activities, and so on, but I'm sure it can be done.

I want him to experience things that I didn't experience for myself. That is a promise.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Baby Colds 101

I never thought there would be too much science behind a simple cold (sipon) until my Rocco had one. Poor little Rocco suddenly experienced runny nose last week. I was too agitated because I didn't know what to do! Babies cannot expel the mucus clogging their nose. They do not even know how to breathe properly through their mouth. I remember my Ate Dynah said that when Zac, my nephew, had a cold when he was still a baby, his Daddy sucked all the mucus from Zac's nose by using his own mouth because nothing else worked. I was prepared to do that, if all else failed.

But Rocco stayed true to his "cool baby" vibe. Grabe!! Despite his runny nose and watery eyes, he was still laughing and perky. If it were other babies, they would surely have a bitchy baby fist and cry and be cranky all day. But Rocco still slept and fed well. He got cranky a bit while trying to sleep because of his nose, but still, he didn't want to be carried too much.

Of course, I didn't rely on his cool baby vibe. I researched and asked experts on how to handle baby colds. Mind you, I've learned a lot:
1. Babies are usually not given meds if it's just a simple cold. This is to help their immune system build antibodies to fight off the virus. Of course, do this with extreme caution. If you feel that your baby is exhibiting signs which maybe more than a simple cold, do not hesitate to call your pedia and ask for intervention.
2. As long as there is no fever, the baby is OK. So it's a must to monitor temp regularly. I did this hourly.
3. If the baby keeps on tugging his ear, it could be a sign of an ear infection. Thank God Rocco did not have this.
4. I thought a cold can also be air-borne, but I was told it's only passed through hand contact. I'm not sure how true this is.
5. Babies do not know how to expel the mucus clogging their nose. The best that they can do is sneeze.

To bring some relief to our babies who are down with colds, the following are a must:
1. Aspirator. We got ours from Rocco's hospital kit when he was still a newborn. The aspirator vacuums out the liquified mucus to help give the baby more breathing room. I was too scared to try this on Rocco because he kept resisting, so hubby did the aspiration. We had a few misses before we were able to suck out the mucus. But mommies and daddies out there, be careful when using this. Never poke too far on the nostril. Someone must hold the baby when being aspirated because a wiggly baby could bring more danger to the nose than the much needed relief. Also, aspirators must be used with caution because there are studies which suggest that frequent aspiration may lead to underdeveloped sense of smell.

2. Thermometer. This gadget is a must for mommies. A baby's temperature is an important indicator of his well-being. Any sign of fever must be reported to your doctor. I highly recommend a digital ear thermometer because it yields a more accurate result. We use Braun.

3. Vaporizer/Steamer. I remember when we were young and nursing a cold, Mama would let us face a "takore" with the long nose, then inhale the steam coming from the boiling water. Now, there's this thing called vaporizer, and it makes life easier. Ate Dynah recommended Vicks, but told me to use the Rhea inhalant to mix in the water, because it produces a minty vapor smell, which is more appealing to babies. This one is hard to find in pharmacies, and is usually sold online.

4. Nasal drops for babies. I recommend Salinase or Nasoclear. There is the spray version, but I'm not sure if this is good for infants because the impact of the spray might be too strong for their fragile noses. Nasal drops or sprays help liquify mucus that has thickened up in the nostrils, making it hard for babies to breathe.

Rocco turns 5months!

Rocco turned 5months last Sunday, and it's been the most fulfilling 5 months of our lives! This pogi little boy is a constant source of our happiness, really takes all the stress from this chaotic world, and never fails to put a smile on my normally grumpy face :)
Last Sunday, we took time off from hearing mass with Rocco because he was still nursing a cold. We just stayed home, slept, played with him, and had our celebratory blowing of his monthsary cake :) Unlike the previous months where he had little reaction at all to the candles or the cake, this time, he couldn't stop staring at the cake (as if he wanted to eat) and I even freaked out a bit because he kept on reaching for the lighted candles!
Rocco is progressing very well. He's now 70cm long, and 7.9kg heavy. He's not a fat baby, more of lean, which makes me happy because looks like he did not inherit my fat genes :P I'm so happy because Rocco is such an easy baby. My parents wouldn't even believe that he sleeps so easily, until my mama visited and witnessed firsthand how Rocco behaves. He's not a crybaby at all. He doesn't even cry when he's hungry, he will just suck on his thumb and that would be our queue. He would only cry if he's left alone in the crib and cannot see a face talking to him (even if you'e nearby), and when Mommy's voice is loud. Hubby said I found my perfect match, so it's time to tone down the voice :) He also laughs a lot, as in A LOT! Just seeing his Daddy's face, and he would totally squeal in delight. Haaaay, kakatuwa talaga!

His other milestones which I'm happy to note are:
- During tummy time, he can already lift his chest by extending his arms.
- He can roll over and then back with ease.
- He can sit for longer periods with support.
- He loves it when he bounces, so we play horsey horsey a lot.
- He puts anything he can get hold of in his mouth. But this time, his grip and grasp are more firm.
- He reaches out for things already. He loves to reach out for "Jenny the Giraffe".
- He grabs his toes and tries to raise them so it would reach his mouth.
- He thumbsucks A LOT! I'm still thinking of a way to correct this. I don't want to use a pacifier.
- He knows when it's vitamin time. He opens his mouth on queue!
- He babbles and talks a lot.
- He already knows who Mommy and Daddy are.
- He knows his name, and responds when being called. But I think he likes it better when we call him "Pogi" because his smile is unmistakeable.
- He loves to grab my hair, poke on my face, or just touch my hands.
- He smiles at himself when facing the mirror. He finds himself so cute!
- He knows how to resist when he doesn't want or like something.
Happy 5th Rocco!!! 
Mommy and Daddy loves you to the moon and back! 

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Whatta Crazy Week!

It's been a crazy week. PERIOD. I wish I could blog more often and snap more photos, but work and motherhood got in the way. Work is so hectic, I pray it will simmer down a bit and let me enjoy my life more. On the motherhood front, well, the past days were challenging.

My baby got sick. He got a cold, and I freaked out!!! I don't know what triggered it, I've been running through my head so many possibilities:
1. The summer heat. It's insane.
2. Rocco is SOOO sweaty. So much like his Daddy.
3. My mama had allergic rhinitis, and she was here until last Sunday.
4. We brought Rocco to Church last Sunday. There were a lot of people there.
5. I had to leave very early for work the entire week. So last Monday, I gave Rocco an early morning bath. Say 6:15AM. I think it was too early for him.

Taken last Monday, he had colds already, but still playful :)
By afternoon of Monday, my baby had a runny nose. So kawawa. I kept praying it wouldn't get worse. I texted his pedia, my mom, my sister, and searched the internet for info. It helps to be educated about these stuff.

I'm so happy because Rocco beat the nasty cold! He was still super perky, fed well, slept well, his nose did not get clogged. He was just so kawawa because he had runny nose, sneezed a lot, and had watery eyes.

I bought a nasal decongestant, but didn't have to spray on his nose because his mucus did not thicken. We only aspirated him so he could sleep well. By Wednesday, he was feeling much better.

Today, he is A-OK and sleeping like a baby again. I can finally get a good sleep, knowing my baby is breathing well. Thank you Papa Jesus and Mama Mary!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The Long Holidays

Our holy week plans abruptly changed because Hubby's trip to China was postponed. Sayang!! If we only knew about it earlier, we could have gone home to Tacloban, instead of the family coming over to Cebu.

Anyway, my in-laws were in town during the whole long holidays. Of course, they're excited to see Rocco. Ang unang apo nga naman. I hope my son won't become too spoiled with them. My mother was supposed to arrive early too, but she changed her flight schedule to Sunday because she would be here for an extended stay. Also, mukha na kaming sardinas sa bahay. We don't live in a mansion, you know :)

Thursday and Friday were spent at home. Last Saturday though, we decided on an instant trip to a beach. Hello! Cebu is blessed with white sands and long stretch of beaches, so why not take advantage of it, di ba? No need to ride an airplane, so gora kami to Mactan.

Hubby was the one who chose the location, and we landed to Portofino. At first, I thought it was a very small and crowded beach. We arrived very early, at around 10AM and the parking lot was almost full. OA sa dami ng tao! We almost backed out, buti nalang we explored a bit. We discovered that there are many parts of the resort. There is the public area where the white sand is, the hidden lagoon, the diving spot, and the big swimming pool. Guests can bring their own food without a corkage fee, and their's an area for instant grilling. Saya talaga! For those like us who had no food, they have a nice floating restaurant with a beachfront view that serves buffet.
 This is the floating restaurant with a nice beach view. The fresh air was so heavenly!!! Nakakatanggal ng stress.
 At the back is a landscaped area where guests can put up a tent if they like to. There is also a clubhouse (sort of) where guests can play games or sing karaoke music.
 This is the public area. They have a lot of cool amenities and beach activities that will keep guests entertained through their whole stay.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

My Easter Bunny

Our first Easter Sunday with Rocco went by smoothly, except that the baby was too pre-occupied with so many activities, and family visitors constantly entertaining him, that feeding time became hard.
We heard Easter Mass, and Rocco was asleep 3/4 of the time. I'm so happy he decided not too poop there. The last time, it was a poopy and smelly one for us :)

My in-laws who were in town wanted to do some shopping so we headed off to where else but SM. I get agitated and anxious every time Rocco is in the mall. I imagine a lot of viruses lurking around or sickly people who might be contagious. That's why we only stay in two areas, a spacious and child-friendly restaurant, and a coffeeshop.
 Rocco loves to observe people, and he's at his happiest when he sees a lot of them.
 Rocco doing his own version of temple run. He LOVES being held like this!

Monday, April 2, 2012

Tickle Tickle!

Babies can be overly dramatic. Well, my Rocco is. He can be nominated in the best baby actor category. Hehe Kidding aside, I always get a good laugh every time I play this video. His Daddy is only pretending to tickle him, but Rocco is  acting out like he's super tickled, and makes the OA giggles.

A Poopy Sunday

Speaking of weekends, yesterday was one of a kind. Why? Because Rocco decided to poop on his Mommy while mass was ongoing, in an air-conditioned church at that. Hahahaha! Sorry sa mga katabi namin, it smelled like poop for a few minutes.

I knew he would poop at the church, I just didn't anticipate that it would be that plenty. The minute I carried him so we could go to the changing room, his poop oozed out of his diaper and went straight to my clothes. Talk about a messy and smelly Sunday.

Anyway, none of that dampened my spirits, because we still managed to have a good lunch and coffee.
My boys. Ang po-pogi :)
Rocco and Mommy :)
It was a lovely weekend, indeed! 

More milestones for my 4month old Rocco

I love weekends because it means more quality time with Rocco. Well, this weekend turned out to be exciting and full of surprises!

Rocco's yaya told me that he can close-open his hands already. I tried it, and he really did close-open his hands on queue. Next I did was to teach him appear-disappear. So funny because he was following my hand so he could appear :) He did it a few times then got bored.

Rocco is also learning other ways of getting attention and some baby sign language. He usually plays with his saliva because he is drooling, but this time, he's playing with a spitting action. And he only does it when we're looking. He also knows how to say no. He will wave his hand, push away, and shake his head when he doesn't want milk. He seems to understand baby language because when I say "ssshhhh" with an action sign, he keeps quiet and looks at me with intent. Cute!

What's funnier is the way he wants to be carried. Since he steadily gained enough neck strength already to hold his head without support, he wants to be carried toddler-style. I usually carry him cradle style but he would wiggle and cry until I change his position.

But what surprised me the most is his growing independence. I usually have to soothe and cradle him for 2-5min before he can sleep, but this weekend, he didn't want to be carried anymore. Giving in to his signs, I placed him in bed during his nap and bed times, and he just positioned himself comfortably, closed his eyes and slept.

How wonderful can it be!

I think Rocco is teething!

Yes, my baby is teething! I didn't expect it to happen this early, because he is only four months old. Usually, symptoms appear on the sixth or seventh month.

It started a few days ago, when he refused to milk. Then he began rubbing his gums and biting on his finger. I thought all the while that he was thumb-sucking, but he didn't make the sucking sound, so I observed more closely.
He's also drooling so heavily. A bib won't last an hour, because it gets wet easily from all the wiping. Then just this weekend, Rocco became so irritable, especially during feeding time. When I checked his gums, they were swelling a bit, and whitish, which according to my brother, are signs of teething.  I massaged his gums with a wet washcloth, dipped in ice-cold water, and he really liked it! Yesterday, I bought a gel-type teether which hopefully will help my baby with his pain. If the swelling progresses, it's time to use Xylogel.

Haaaay, my baby is growing! Soon, he'll be eating solids!!!


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