Friday, September 30, 2011

Hello There!

I've been on blogging hiatus because I was so swamped with work and a lot of extra-curricular activities this whole month of September. October will be a lot busier because we have visitors coming to Cebu. What more for November? We also have visitors, and it will be Rocco's birth month!

I am already on my 32nd week. What happened so far?

1. Rocco is so likot now! He has these sharp movements which makes me hold my breath :)
2. My tummy is so pointed already!
3. So far, all my shoes still fit. I don't think my feet even expanded. Let's see if it'll change within the next few weeks.
4. My nose still looks the same. Hahaha! I'm so vain.
5. My metabolism is slowing down. As much as I want to be depressed about it, there's nothing I can do. I'm taking hormone supplements now. It's a long story, but it's somewhat related to my operation 2 years back.  I hope everything normalizes soon.
6. I got sick! Grrrrr! The bug caught up with me and I had a major case of flu. So much for the anti-flu shot. Thank God I got better in a short time. Liquid therapy and lots of sleep do work.

So there! I hope I have the energy to sustain myself for the next two months. Kaya yan! :)

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Baby Leaf on Kids-Agogo!

I've written on this blog before that we're contemplating on using cloth diapers for Rocco. I'll just test how it'll turn out. Probably, we'll mix it with disposables, depending on how "tamad" I'll be :)

Anyway, I found this new mompreneur who's selling cloth diapers called BABY LEAF, similar to the imported brand, Fuzzibunz. I still have to check on the quality of the product, but based on the initial reviews that I've read, seems like it's a good local brand.

The good news is, they're on sale at Kids Agogo.  It's actually just a small discount. Their price marketing strategy is quite lame (hehe) because it says,

50% Off on Baby Leaf One Size Cloth Diapers. Pay P295 Only (Valued at P590)!

In reality, the price per item is only P350, or 3 for P1000, not at the advertised price of P590. Hmmm. Anyway, it's still a good deal for starters. 

Visit for more info. Have patience on their site, there are some registry issues. 

Happy Shopping!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

I'm 29 weeks and counting!

I had my monthly OB checkup, and so far everything is A-OK! 

Some great news:
1. My blood pressure is normal.
2. My weight gain is also steady.
3. Rocco's heartbeat is strong.
4. Rocco's fetal movement is very active.

My OB instructed me to start tracking Rocco's fetal movement within 2 hours after lunch and dinner. I got a bit anxious when she said that if the movement is less than 10, I have to inform her immediately and request for admission because Rocco might be in distress or tied around the umbilical cord. I hope it doesn't happen :(

On a slightly bad news, Rocco is still in a breech position! He seems to be enjoying his comfortable space inside mommy's tummy and won't budge :)  My OB said this is not yet alarming because the baby has still room to grow, and will eventually turn to the birthing position on my 8th month. If not, she may manually turn the baby around (and it hurts!). If that doesn't work, hello CS! 

I found a good website about breech babies and how to position them properly for birthing. I might try a few tricks :) Here's the link.

I also have to schedule an appointment with an endocrinologist just to check and monitor my thyroid hormones. I had a thyroid operation 2 years ago and though all my tests are normal, it's better to be checked by an expert :)

Starting next month, my pre-natal checkup will be twice a month already. After that, it would be on a weekly schedule already! 

The days are coming fast! It's gonna be judgement day SOON! :)

Our Prenup Pictorial, A Year Ago

I vividly remember the day we had our prenup.

We just got our car, and it was spanking new :)

We made friends with a fine makeup artist, who also alternated as our alalay or PA. "She" was so much fun to be with, and had a lot of stories about her lovelife :) Our photographers were initially OK. I really liked their output from their portfolio that's why we got them, but turns out they had a lot of tardiness issues. They were late during our prenup,  and as expected, they were also late in delivering our final prints! Kalurks.

Anyway, that day just passed by so quickly, and at the end of it all, we were so dead tired. Mahirap pala maging artista, or model :)

Sad to say, I misplaced the CD that was given to us :( I'm not sure if it's in our house in Cebu, or in Tacloban. I remember copying all the files into a hard drive, but I still couldn't locate the files. Hopefully, I'll find it soon!

Here are some photos that I fortunately uploaded in our wedsite. Enjoy!

Happy 1st Birthday Optimus!

To the one who continues to give us total comfort, and has brought us to places,  Happy 1st Birthday Optimus! Your daddy really knows how to take care of you, because you're oh so shiny and still smells like new :)

Looking forward to more trips and joy rides! Thank you for making our everyday life a lot more comfortable :)

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Cebu's Pride: Projekt

Cebu is super rich in furniture-making talent. Does Kenneth Cobonpue ring a bell? The furniture export business is alive in this beautiful province, and it's one of the main drivers of the lush local economy that we are benefiting from.

How I wish Cebu would put up an IKEA Store, or a copycat of that (haha!). I will drown in happiness there.  For now, the closest that I could find is a local shop named PROJEKT. From my research, it's Filipino-owned, probably by talented Cebuanos.

The store is located at Parkmall, and it carries modern flat-packed affordable furniture and accessories that are fit for tight-spaced homes. Their products are quite ingenious and the prices are super affordable!

To know more about their products, visit their multiply store myprojekt.

Some of the items I like:

The Baby is Squirmy!

Rocco (YES! That's our baby's name) is starting to get extra squirmy. Normally, I'd feel his extreme movements from 10PM onwards, when I'm lying down in bed.

But last night was EPIC!

We had our lights out at 12MN (I'm insomniac, but trying hard to sleep early) when Rocco suddenly made sharp somersault movements which were a bit painful. I savored the moment for a while, but it was getting too sharp, and I could already feel either his head or butt protruding to one side. My tummy was getting deformed!

I couldn't sleep through it anymore, so in total darkness, I started talking to my baby. I told him mama had to rest, and it's late already. I think my baby was listening to me because suddenly, he stopped moving :)

It was such a warm feeling, knowing that my baby was actually listening to me, even when he's still inside my tummy!

I slept soundly after that with a smile on my face, thanks to my baby :)


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