Sunday, May 26, 2013

Pic of the Day: May 5 to 11

Photos are described from top-left to right, going down. 

May 5:
We brought Rocco to an open field for some quality time. He roamed and ran along the football field and played some basketball with his papa. Good times!

May 6:
The next day, Rocco suddenly got sick. He kept vomiting like crazy! I was panicking and so terrified that we rushed him to his pedia.

May 7:
Rocco was still sick. I was monitoring his fluids because he might get dehydrated. So wawa because he refused to eat, drink, and refused his meds. He just kept asking for me to carry him and stay with him. Nakakatakot his vomiting kasi parang gripo.

May 8:
His meds were kicking in. He felt better to play a little but his sickness progressed to diarrhea because of his meds. Ang hirap talaga pag may sakit ang anak.

May 9:
I still stayed home because Rocco wasn't feeling well yet. It was also a much deserved quality time with my son.

May 10:
Thank God Grandpa Nitoy arrived. Iba talaga pag andyan parents mo.

May 11:
Rocco was already feeling well by the weekend so we trooped to Lantaw Busay Restaurant for some yummy food and great ambience.

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Pic of the Day: April 28 to May 4

Photos are described from top-left to right, going down. 

I'm back!!!!!!
I haven't blogged in 3 weeks because:
1. Blogger/Blogspot is now blocked at work
2. We had lots of visitors the past few weeks
3. Papa gave me tons of series to watch
4. I'm so dead-tired every night I can't even open my eyes to blog

Anyway, even if I haven't been blogging, I still religiously took pictures of Rocco everyday, so tuloy pa rin ang aking PIC OF THE DAY series :) Here it is!

April 28:
With Grandpa Tol at Starbucks. Rocco loves his Grandpa so much!

April 29:
While I was at work, his grannies took Rocco to Jollibee for some QT.

April 30:
Every morning, we walk Rocco around the village and sometimes we just sit at our front garden. Sieg took a candid photo of us :)

May 1:
Rocco tinkering with his Ipad...again!

May 2:
Drinking his favorite MOOOOO!

May 3:
He loves opening drawers and cabinets!

May 4:
Of course, his usually goofy and active self playing around.

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Monday, May 13, 2013

How we spent Mother's Day

We were planning to have a beach getaway on Mother's Day. I found a good deal from a resort here in Cebu, and was super excited about it, but I guess God had other plans for us. Hubby got sick, then Rocco next, then Hubby again. We weren't ready for a beach trip. Besides Papa visited us for five days.
The highlight of our weekend was our visit to Lantaw Busay. It's a resto by the mountain top, super great view of the city! We enjoyed yummy food, cool weather, nice ambiance..just enough to relieve us of the stress from the sick days that passed.

It was refreshing to have Papa with us for a few days. Rocco hang out with his Grandpa and they bonded and played a lot! Good times talaga!


The past few weeks have been really challenging for me personally as a mom and a wife. The entire household got sick, and it went on for almost 3 weeks.

At first it was me, then hubby, then Rocco. Gosh, I get so paranoid every time Rocco is hit even with a simple cough or cold. This time, it was worse. He was vomiting, had diarrhea, wouldn't eat nor drink fluids.

I was helpless.

And I badly wanted my MAMA to be here.

I guess that's the best description I can give my Mama. She's my lifesaver, my angel, the one person who will always help me out, my protector, my shield, and the list goes on and on. I knew if she was here, everything would be easier.

Mama and I don't see each other often but I make it a point to call her regularly. I know she appreciates it so much, the same way I would surely feel if Rocco would check on me when he's all grown up.

I guess even if I am a parent myself, I still long for those days when Mama would be the one to take care of me.

Of course now it's different. I have this young boy who looks up to me the way I look up to my own mom. He thinks of me as his angel, protector, consoler, playmate, and the list goes on. I have to live up to those expectations but I know it will come naturally. I am made to be a mama. I thrive in this, and it's what makes me happiest.

Happy Mother's Day to all the rocking moms in the whole world!

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Never too young to learn basketball :)

It's basketball season once again for the Ofonda family. Naks! Pang NBA lang ang peg :) Seriously, Hubby had an injury a couple of months ago so he was forced to stop playing basketball, but now, he is slowly coming back to the game. Syempre, supportive wife ang role ko kaya I give in to his practice hours. To double it as bonding time for our family, and because I'm not keen on leaving Rocco in the house on weekends, we bring him along with us.
 Grabe lang ang fascination ni Rocco sa basketball. One of the first words he uttered was BALL. Maybe he's also influenced because when Sieg gets hold of the TV remote at home, NBA lang ang palaging palabas.
 The little boy has a firm grip, and has eyes only on the ring :)
 Look at that form. Arms extended, legs sturdy and one foot slightly forward. One on one sila ng papa niya :)
 Stage daddy in the making. Haha.
Learning through play. And Rocco was definitely loving every minute of it. He is called the Stallion baby by the basketball group, named after their team name "Lexmark Stallions" :)

Grannies in the House!

It's very obvious when my in-laws are in Cebu. The fridge is overflowing with food, our grocery cabinet is full, and we're always on food galore (galore--like the food galore of the Barretto's, haha!). They would bring boxes of grocery items, and cooked food, and everything else that they could bring. They recently visited us for the Labor Day weekend. Rocco was still nursing a light cold, and Hubby was still sick, but it didn't stop us from entertaining them during their stay. 
Rocco is clearly the apple of their eye. Eh panong hindi, kamukhang kamukha nila. Hehe. They brought him to Jollibee while I was at work just because he pointed to a Jollibee sign while they were on the road :)
 Rocco is such a cutie here, best picture ever with his grannies.
 Rocco super loves his Grandpa Tol. His Grandpa dotes on the little boy so much, pero ngayon nagcocomplain na kasi mabigat na daw. Masakit na daw arms nya kapag nagpapakarga :)
 We dropped by Starbucks during the weekend, and Rocco clearly loved their frappe, inubos nya yung frappe ko. Hubby was scolding me already kasi bakit ko daw pinagbibigyan puro sugar daw yon. Minsan lang naman kasi :)
 That's us after our morning walk. That's our morning ritual, and Grandma Marlyn joined us while they were here.

We're really blessed to have doting Grandparents for Rocco. I'm equally excited because my parents are also coming over to Cebu in the coming weeks so it's their turn to bond with the little boy.


I had a 2hr meeting to attend to last Saturday (I KNOW, WORKING ON A SATURDAY, HOPEFULLY NEVER AGAIN), and we had to fetch Rocco's grannies from the airport in the afternoon, so I brought along Rocco & Sieg, even if Hubby wasn't feeling well yet. Kawawa nga, he was coughing and feverish, but he never complained for one bit. I love him more than ever for that. We normally don't bring Rocco's yaya with us, but we had to because Hubby couldn't get to near Rocco due to his virus. 
 To pass off time, we brought Rocco to Playroom in Ayala. They normally accept toddlers who are 18months or older, buti nalang they allowed the little boy even if he fell 1month short of their requirement.
 According to Sieg and the yaya, Rocco had so much fun! Two hours of non-stop playing. We're actually thinking of enrolling him to a weekend playschool, but are having second thoughts because in our village, he has a lot of interaction with kids so that in itself is good exposure already.
Hubby said some big boy tried to evict Rocco from the green car he was playing with but Rocco wouldn't budge. Very good, anak!! After some 2hrs++ of play, nagsawa din ang bagets and he asked to be brought outside where he excitedly sat on his stroller to get some rest.

Pic of the Day: April 21 to 27

Photos are described from top-left to right, going down. 

April 21:
Rocco is growing up to be quite a foodie. Anything he sees, he eats. That day, I bought Nacho dips in Quesadilla flavor, and he seemed to love it.

April 22:
His 17th birthday. He loved his cupcake, and just like it real toddler fashion, dipped his fingers on the cupcake :)

April 23:
One of the things that Sieg taught Rocco early on was how to remove his socks. Pangarap ng ama nya na may magtatanggal ng socks nya pagkauwi nya sa bahay. Haha! Nakakatuwa naman because now everytime we arrive home, the little boy would almost always remove his Papa's socks.

April 24:
Rocco took his own photo from his Ipad, so it's worth publishing :)

April 25:
Rocco got sick from cough/ colds which he got from me. It turned out to be a sleepless night for us save for a few minutes when he would allow to be put in bed.

April 26:
I worked from home on this day to take care of Rocco. Nakakatawa because I was singing Girl on Fire when he started shouting "Faya Faya". Nakiki sing-along pala, fire daw.

April 27:
Rocco and his Papa were still sick but we were excited because his grandparents visited Cebu to visit us.

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