Thursday, August 30, 2012

The Cutest Twin Video Ever!

This has got to be the cutest twin video ever!!! SO CUTE AND ADORABLE!! Especially that part where they looked at each other with those sparkly eyes and just started rocking it out. This definitely made my day!

A Perfect Day

A perfect day would definitely be spent with Rocco and Sieg. We've been blessed with a lot of long holidays this month of August, and we definitely enjoyed the time off.

Surprisingly, the last long weekend (August 25-28) was the only chance for us to really relax. Previously, we would either be out doing errands, or buying stuff for the house, or entertaining visitors. This time around, we just stayed at home, and soaked in the happiness of finally settling down into our new home.

This is and my wacky boys. We woke up late, ate late, and bathed late. Of course, Rocco took a bath on time :) We cooked home food, enjoyed fresh grilled fish and sinigang, watched TV, played with Rocco, and then went to Mandaue Foam to shop for super comfy pillows (They're on sale!).

Just the perfect day. Sana marami pang ganito :)

Peekaboo and Cognitive Development

One of Rocco's favorite games is playing peekaboo. We play it in many ways. Sometimes, we hide from the door, or we hide from the back of the one carrying him. Other times, we hide our face in the blanket, or using our hands. Each time is always a hit! I guarantee that playing peekaboo would always elicit so much laughter from Rocco. Priceless talaga!

Lately, I was surprised because Rocco initiated the game on his own. Unlike before when we start the game and just get a reaction from him, now, it's him hiding his face from us. One time, he caught the edge of the curtain in our room and hid his face there, and then showed us his face again while doing the peekaboo expression. So funny!

Last weekend, he discovered another way of doing peekaboo! He got his inflatable log toy and started peeking through the plastic. When I peeped through the other side, he hid his face and laughed!! Good thing we caught it on the camera.
Now before we think that playing this game is just a way to elicit laughter in babies, Peekaboo is actually a very significant cognitive developmental milestone.

According to the blog

"At approximately 8 months of age, a baby develops what is known as object permanence. Put simply, this is when the baby is able to understand that people and objects are permanent. The best way for me to explain object permanence is to give a simple example. Imagine a baby crying because you took a toy away from them- The baby without object permanence will continue to cry. A baby with object permanence will understand the toy is still there, and might look for it, or cry and scream increasingly in attempt in such a way that is sort of demanding that you give them back their toy. This is because they understand the object is still existing somewhere, just not within site.

Object permanence is an important cognitive development for your baby. Aside from promoting an essential cognitive development that will carry on and prepare you for the rest of your life, peekaboo play has many other benefits:
  • Reinforces the bond between a parent and a child. Peekaboo play creates an intimate, positive, one on one play experience for you and your baby.
  • Gives your little baby an opportunity to engage socially, and to communicate with the adult through smiling, laughing and baby talk.
  • As your baby gets older you can take turns surprising each other through peekaboo play. This gives your baby a chance to practice taking turns in play, and will help to prepare them to play with other children.
I'm so excited to witness the other milestones that Rocco will achieve. Looks like walking on his own is his next target! :)

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Happy 9th!

Dearest Rocco,

Nine months ago, I gave birth to you, my little shaolin. I was pleasantly surprised when I saw your super chinky eyes, much like your Daddy, and your Grandma Marlyn. You had really great skin, not wrinkled like the other babies in the nursery. You slept a lot, really a lot, and it gave me so much time to just gaze at you, and soak in the feeling of being a mommy to a cute little boy.

Fast forward to today, you're already an active little boy! When Mommy & Daddy are around, you refuse to sleep because you want to play with us the whole day.  You crawl a lot, climb on everything, and is very enthusiastic about walking! You shriek in delight when we tickle you that sometimes we have to stop, because you just laugh too much. You also love to clap your hands when you enjoy something. I somehow understand because you miss us so much when we're away for work. We miss you too always baby.

You also talk a lot now..mostly babbles, but I recognize some clear words. I know when you call me Mama, or Mommy, or you call your Daddy. When you're too excited or happy, you start blabbing words. I'm looking forward to the time when I can understand you already. For now, I'm just contented with imaginative answers to your babbles.

You also eat well now. You love avocado, banana, pansit, bread, kalabasa, brown rice lugaw, sinigang soup, and many more. But when you're not in the mood, you show Mommy that a NO means a NO. You turn away from me, you purse your lips, you stick your tongue out, or if nothing works, you cry out loud. I'm so amazed at how you can express your emotions now, and I respect all of that.

You also love music, especially Andrea Bocelli and Sitti Navarro. Of course you'd love it, Mommy play their songs every single day to put you to sleep. You also love Pororo, and Tayo the Little Bus, because those are the cartoons playing at Disney Junior every single day at 6AM. Mommy doesn't allow you to watch too much TV yet, so you only get to watch every morning during breakfast.

Bath time is also a riot now. You don't want to sit down, so we always have to hold you while you're jumping all around. Imagine three people holding you down just so you won't knock your head. We always end up wet, just like you! Mommy will look for a mini-pool now so you can enjoy your bath time more, without knocking your head :)

You're also smart! You can find hidden objects just by following clues. One time, we hid your favorite toy under the blanket. You kept looking for it, and eventually found it just by following the sound it was making. Mommy and Daddy were so amazed!

And speaking of your favorite toy, I wonder what's with Jack the Penguin that makes you love him sooo much! He is the only toy for you. When he is around, you're always gigil to bite him. Mommy always has to make sure that Jack is around especially when you're not in the mood, because he always has a way of pacifying you :)

Ohh, and before I forget, you have teeth now, the cutest pair of teeth I've ever seen :)

Happy 9th month Rocco!!! We love you nine times over!

Monday, August 20, 2012

Jack the Penguin...and his twin!

Rocco's first ever toy is this Lamaze squeaky Penguin toy. We named him Jack, from I don't know where. I remember, it just sounded right, and we got stuck with that name ever since. I bought it when I was still pregnant, not knowing that it would be Rocco's all time favorite, so far.
It's his pacifier, teether & toy rolled into one. He can't drink his milk without holding it, he bites on it like there's no tomorrow. If only Jack can talk. He doesn't even play with his other toys anymore, pang display nalang.
Because he loves Jack so much, his Grandma Marlyn bought a tweenie, another squeaky toy which I'm tempted to name as Jackie. My MIL bought it to make sure Rocco has a reserve toy everytime we wash the squeaky penguin. Yes, we have to wash it almost every other day because he keeps biting on it, and milk residue are left behind which are prone to ants & bugs.

They say every child has that special toy or item which they are very fond of or find hard to let go. Others are blankets, tags, mosquito nets, etc. For Rocco, it's definitely Jack the Penguin..and Jackie too!

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Eating time has become more fun!

Thank God for Rocco's yayas who are so patient to feed him even if he is having his "off" mood, his eating habits have greatly improved! I for myself sometimes cannot tolerate when the little boy refuses to eat solid food that I just give up. But then I remind myself time and time again what his Pedia said. Consistency & patience are the keywords.

So every morning, I try my very best to wake up at 6:00AM so we can have more feeding time. Normally it lasts from 30 minutes to 1 hour, so I really have to prepare in advance, or else I'll be late for work.

I used to follow the 3-day rule when introducing new food to Rocco, but this did not seem to help because the little boy easily gets bored with repeated food. So I ditched the 3-day rule and offered more variety. If he doesn't want banana, I give him grapes. If he eats only little, I offer avocado (his all time fave). I also make sure to give him rice & veggies. Chicken & fish, not so.

Recently, he started eating table food. He eats pansit, ginisang kalabasa, tinola soup, and even cooked rice (not the lugaw type). He even eats bread and loves it more than Marie. I just let him hold the bread even if most of the time, he makes a mess. This way, he learns more about texture and also learns how to feed himself.
 Rocco eating his ginisang kalabasa and lugaw.Having fun much lang ang peg! Smile kung smile:)
Rocco just finished eating his bread and is playing with the left-behind crumbs.

I'm really happy about the positive turnout of this whole solid feeding saga. I hope this won't stop, and will continue forever and ever. Just as Rocco's pedia said, consistency and patience is all I need.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Five Years Ago, and Today

I still remember this day five years ago. I was sick and had really puffy eyes, and I took the day off from work so I could get some rest, because later that night, I would meet with my newfound friend from Cebu :) We met at Greenbelt, had dinner, stayed a while before he brought me home, and he headed off to his sister's place. The next day, we took off to a resort down south, and the rest is history :)

Our relationship started on impulse and spontaneity. I personally was living for the moment, being single and independent, and I was ready to test the waters. We really weren't sure if we would hit it off for a long time.

But we did. For over two years, we survived through phone calls, text messages, chat, video calling, and the occasional travels that we planned out together. After we hit the two-year mark, I was pretty sure that if we didn't take the relationship to the next level, then we were doomed.

And so, I made the most outrageous move that was so least expected of me. I quit my job in Manila and transfered to Cebu so we can physically be together. Talk about impulse and spontaneity again, but not once did I ever regret that decision, because if not for that, I bet I'll still be single now, and maybe wading on the flooded streets of Manila :)

Five years ago, I was a 24year old single and independent girl who was ready to rule the world.
Today, I am a 29year old wife & mother who easily succumbs to the whims of my husband and son.

Five years ago, I was still searching for the right love at the right time.
Today, I am overwhelmed with the love that my husband and son brings to my life.

Five years ago, I said yes to him.
Today, I'm so glad I did :)

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

My ME Time

ALL I FELT WAS BURNOUT, from moving houses, to arranging logistics, doing groceries, taking care of the baby, entertaining visitors, all on top of office work. I was already feeling extremely tired and sick. I was on the onset of having colds and fever, but thankfully it did not progress.

Yesterday I went to work as usual, but I could not focus because I was feeling too drained already. I just wanted to relax ALL BY MYSELF. So I decided to take the rest of the day off.

Sieg and I had a lunch date first, because I gave my things to him so I wouldn't have to carry heavy stuff. After lunch, he went back to work, and my ME TIME started.

I bought a movie ticket to watch The Bourne Legacy. ALL BY MYSELF. If it was me five years ago, I wouldn't dare watch a movie by myself, but yesterday, I was super duper excited!

I chose a seat where I can raise my legs without bothering anyone. Before going in, I bought my favorite popcorn & iced tea from Taters. I really enjoyed the full 2.5hours of the movie. I felt so relaxed and rejuvenated.

After the movie, I went shopping a bit. Hubby strictly told me to not get anything for the house. No grocery shopping, no looking for house items, no toys for Rocco, etc. Dapat daw, it's ALL FOR ME. Naks, ang thoughtful naman ng aking asawa :)

After shopping, I went to THE SPA to get a VIP Room. It costs a hefty sum, but I really wanted to enjoy my day so I was willing to spend that much. Sadly, the whole venue was booked until 7PM. Sayang! So off I went to Ruiz Derma & Spa (the only other available spa in Ayala). I booked a nice lady to handle my massage. I thought it would just be the typical swedish massage that I avail in other spas, but she incorporated reflexology. My gosh, that was THE BEST massage I ever had in my entire life!!!! At first, I was squirming in pain from the pressure points, then I literally dozed off a bit because it was really relaxing.

After my spa, I was supposed to hang out at the coffee shop, but it was getting late already, and just in time, Sieg picked me up, and we went home.

Sieg thinks it's really a great idea to have our respective ME time. He will take his soon. It's a great refresher especially for us who are so busy with work, parenthood, and at the same time running a household. As for me, I cannot wait till my next ME TIME!!!! :)

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

The reason I was MIA

We were busy moving in to our new home, where Rocco will grow up with his future brother or sister, and where we will build memories as a family. It was a very tiring weekend, organizing everything, while carrying my baby who loved every single minute spent with me. The feeling is actually mutual.

I kinda miss our townhouse, the place we temporarily called home for 2 years, where Rocco was made, and where he grew for 8 months. I love that place. I will bring Rocco there someday.

We were out of civilization with no internet, cable, landline, but thank God all are installed now. That's the power of pangungulit :) We're still tidying up our new home, lots of boxes here and there. It will take a few more weeks before we can finally settle down.

Till then!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

My life these days...

In between attending to my son and working, I'm so occupied with a gazillion things to do, that sometimes, I find myself overwhelmed with them all. Moving out is really stressful because we have a kid, and nothing is simple and easy when you have a kid. My time becomes limited, and even the things I need to accomplish must be done either while I'm at work, or when the baby is finally asleep.

I'm trying to jot down the mental list I have right now:
- Call landlord and verify payback of security deposit
- Buy a lot of packaging tapes
- Instruct helpers on how to organize packing, make sure to label each pack
- Go to Globe to have landline & mobile transfer.
- Call Unicable to cut cable line.
- Call Cignal to request for connection.
- Call aluminum steel door maker to sched for measurement.
- Call glass panel maker to sched for bathroom measurement.
- Coordinate deliveries of appliances.
- Finalize movers.
- Make final inventory of boxes and things that will be moved out.
- Make final inspection at new house before transfer. Make a punchlist for the inspection.
- Plan out final transfer on weekend. Who goes first? Who will do final cleaning? Where will baby stay?

And I'm not even halfway through with my list.
I'm really looking forward to finally settling down and have a nice & quiet weekend where the whole family just stays in bed until 5PM without taking a bath. That would be the most relaxing and perfect day ever!


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