Monday, August 29, 2011

I Got My MOM Card!

Hubby, helper and I went to SM earlier to run some errands. Well, hubby had his haircut, while helper went pants shopping. I, on the other hand, passed out time at the Baby Company Store which I absolutely love! It just opened last December 2010, and they really have some nice and cute stuff for babies :) 

The last time we went there (where we bought our crib, a gift from MIL),  the sales lady informed me I could get a MOM card so I can avail some discounts and freebies on my future purchases. Well, I got them now! I know it's so lame, but what can I do, I'm an excited first time mama, so I deserve to be uberly happy :) 

To know more about the BABY COMPANY, check their website

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