Monday, August 29, 2011

The Checklist!

Is this for real? Or just a great marketing strategy to lure mommies into buying unnecessary baby stuff. I didn't realize until now that preparing for a baby would mean organizing tons of stuff! The list is just crazy.
I made my own list with the help of my sister, and it's not even half of the list above. Great thing I got some great tips, especially on baby shopping:

1. Accept hand-me-downs especially for newborns because they grow rapidly.
2. Only spend on essential items.
3. Buy just a little of everything. You never know if your baby will like the expensive one (especially the bottles!).
4. If you can breastfeed, make it a PRIORITY. It's BEST for baby, and it'll save you tons on formula milk.
5. You'll always be tempted to splurge, but DON'T. You'll get a lot of gifts from family and friends.

Well, all the tips seem to be true, especially for #1 and #5.  We've been receiving a lot of gifts from the crib, stroller, carriers,bottles, pump, clothes, newborn gadgets, and so much more. To think that I've not yet given birth. How much more when the baby arrives? :)

This baby is SO LOVED! And for daddy and mama, we hardly have to spend (for now).

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