Friday, August 5, 2011

My Must-Have Pregnancy Stash

Virgin Coconut Oil
ProSource VCO

According to this website, VCO can be a remedy to a lot of pregnancy problems. For me, I swear by how it has helped maintain my skin's balance. It was my sister & sister-in-law who highly recommended that I use it, instead of going for the more popular brands like Palmers. Everyday, I diligently apply it all over my body, and I like it because:
- It keeps my skin itch FREE
- It really moisturizes my skin
- It's not sticky and easily absorbed by the skin
- I'm still stretchmark FREE

I use ProSource because it's the only one available in Watsons.

Himalaya Moisturizer

My daily regimen is so simple: I wash my face and apply my moisturizer, then I dab on face powder and lipstick/gloss, then I'm OK for the entire day. I'm really not a fan of excessive beauty products, and especially dislike those that have perfume-based odors.

When I got pregnant, my OB advised me to stay away from strong chemicals, and this is the reason why  Himalaya moisturizer has been a life-saver for me. It's manufactured in India, and made from organic and natural ingredients. My entire family use it, and we actually hoard Watsons because stocks are easily depleted.

They have a complete personal care line that caters to every possible need. Check their website for more info:

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