Thursday, August 4, 2011

The Search for the Perfect Stroller

There's so much to choose from, and honestly, at this point, I'm not sure what my priorities are in terms of choosing a stroller.

One thing for sure, I want something not so expensive, yet lightweight, and I can use preferably from newborn to the toddler years.

My sister told me not to invest too much in a stroller because we don't live in the US where moms are really on the go and bring their babies everywhere. 

Also, some babies don't like being placed in strollers, so it would be a pain if you have an expensive, yet unused piece.

I've looked at some brands so far and here are my initial reviews:

Maclaren- Lightweight & sturdy. Good for traveling. Midpriced in US, expensive in PH.

Graco- Has a wide variety to choose from, but I find their strollers too heavy & bulky.

MaxiCosi/Quinny- I also find this big & bulky. Midpriced in US but very expensive in PH.

Chicco- So far, I'm liking this. I've actually seen a few models and they're lightweight, slender, and not so expensive.

Goodbaby-  an Asian brand which is fast becoming popular among moms. This was actually recommended to me by my sister. The features are quite innovative, and it is priced reasonably. I've also seen a lot of moms using this stroller during malling.

Let's see how this stroller search turns into :)

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