Sunday, August 7, 2011

Who Doesn't Love Freebies?

Yesterday, I got a prize for being a good daughter!

To backtrack a bit on the story:

My techy Popsy finally decided to replace our almost obsolete TV at our Tacloban home. He was quite sentimental about changing the TV, because he bought it in Japan when he went there in the 90's for work, plus the fact that there are two hyper kids at home who can easily destroy gadgets :)

A few weeks back, he bought a digital media player in PC Express.

Unfortunately, it wasn't compatible with our old TV. We toyed him to buy a flatscreen TV so he could continue using his digital media player. He gave in, and so yesterday, I got a go signal to finally buy one! Of course, he's paying for it :)

SM Appliance gave away a Sony DVD player for the purchased item. I asked Papa if I can have it, and he said YES!!!  We actually have a player, but it's kinda obsolete too. Besides, who doesn't love freebies? :)

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