Thursday, August 4, 2011

My First Ever OB Visit

March 23, 2011.
I had my first ever OB checkup.
I already had a run down of what to expect. Thanks to helpful officemates.
It was not a long wait. I was #20 on queue. There were 29 patients. Clinic hours was from 1-5PM only.
And so hubby and I went to Chong  Hua around 4PM.
We got lost, but managed to find the clinic just in time.
Dra. Belinda Panares was nice, soft spoken, and was in command.
She performed some tests, and calculated by full term date.
The verdict was: I was 4 weeks on the way, and my due date is Dec 2, 2011.
Yeey! December baby, but it would most likely be earlier by a week or two.
Then she told me she needed to check my cervix, and would get a sample.
Uh-Oh! Paps smear! I’ve heard horrible things about this test.
The assistant told me to strip my bra and panty.
I hid whatever shame I felt, and just did everything I was told.
It wasn’t so bad after all. They just inserted a metal to my vagina and opened it up until they could see my cervix, and there was a huge monitor by my side.
The Doc said, “This is your cervix.” Ohh! Well hello cervix!
After the papsmear, I was given a run down of do’s and don’ts, some more tests to run, and was given pre-natal meds.
And that was it! I survived my first OB visit :)

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