Monday, August 8, 2011

I Heart Online Shopping!

Hubby and I have been window shopping the last couple of weeks, but mall stocks & models for baby items here in Cebu are still limited :(

So I resort to online shopping! How I wish I can fly to the US and shop till I drop. My gosh, prices there are WAY cheaper than here.  Even if you consider freight costs & add-on taxes, it will still come out cheaper.

Cloth Diapers
Priced at $18.95/pc or $227.40 for a dozen at This is an online store in Texas, where my sister is based. Here in the Philippines, it retails at $26/pc or P1,100.  For a dozen, it will cost $315 or P13,200. The difference is roughly $88 or P3,700.

Priced at $140 in Walmart, this is a great find! This costs around $360 here in the Philippines. The difference is roughly P9,200 or $220.

Even feeding bottles, strollers and cribs cost cheaper in the US, and the quality is more outstanding!

How I wish I can buy till I drop, and put all the stuff in one balikbayan box :)

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