Friday, September 20, 2013

Rocco loves the outdoor

Rocco loves the outdoor. Fresh from bed, the first thing that he would say is "Mama down". As soon as we're down, he would say "Mama shoosh" (shoes), and off we go to the outside world. Typical of an almost two toddler, he loves running around, playing with his ball, counting cars, and best of all, playing with his friends.
 This was early in the morning, around 6:30AM. I took off his shirt because he was perspiring a lot already.
 Rocco has a fascination with cars. He calls these things as "big cahs".
 Rocco with his friend Nathan.
 I wonder what they were discussing here.
 And then came Hailey, Rocco's new friend who transferred to our village early this July. They have become constant playmates.
 Rocco with his Ate Gabe and Badang. Badang, the girl in pink, is 4 yrs old, while Rocco is 1yr, and 9 months old. Spot the difference?
 Rocco playing with the deepwell pump.
Tha parking lot is his playground.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Our Little Bookworm

Last weekend, we brought Rocco to a bookstore at the Banilad Town Center. We got curious because of their quaint setup, which turned out to be cool because they had a children's nook with lots of materials specifically for kids.

We were pretty amazed because Rocco's curiosity got the best of him and he started scanning the books and even pretended to read. He pulled a kiddie chair and sat down, looking like he was seriously reading. I think we spent a good hour inside the bookstore, just letting Rocco explore the place. I think it's a fun activity for kids his age, to let them explore and discover the world through books.

I was not a bookworm when I was a kid, but I also had this thing with books, and I made me love reading, writing, and eventually developed by communication skills. I hope this has the same effect on Rocco. So bookstore, we will definitely be back!

Rocco's Outdoor Fun

Rocco is a hyper toddler, but I'm happy that he's obedient and knows how to listen when we tell him to do or not do something. We try to provide him with a lot of stimulating activities, especially those that are outdoor and fun.

It's a big plus that we live in a community with a lot of kids of varying ages, so his social skills keep on improving. He gets a lot of interaction without us having to pay a hefty some that playschools charge these days. Imagine 70K for a 1.5hr playtime 3x a week! In our village, we get the same results for free.

We love it more because it's a natural environment so it builds familiarity and friendship. In fact, Rocco knows who his regular playmates are, can remember their names, and even where their houses are.

Happy Weekends

Since our time with Rocco is limited during weekdays, we try our best to make it up to him during weekends. Eating out is one of our fave past time, and Rocco is quickly picking up on this too. Napaganang kumain :)
Taken last Sunday, September 15. We went to Banilad Town Center after mass to inquire at Gymboree for Rocco's birthday, but turns out they are closed every Sunday. We ended up eating at Yellow Cab because we craved for pasta and pizza. Rocco absolutely loved the food too! After Yellow Cab, we headed off to Serenitea but it was jampacked, so we just ordered take-out drinks.
This was taken last September, on my FIL's birthday. We took time off from work to spend time with my in-laws who were here in Cebu for a vacation. We headed over to Lantaw, Busay, a very nice restaurant overlooking Cebu. The place was so relaxing, plus the food was not expensive too! Rocco enjoyed running around the place.
This was taken last August 24. We were bent on staying home that day, but boredom got the best of us, so out of the blue we decided to head off to the mall to eat. We ended up at Bigby's. The food surprisingly tasted good. We will be back next time.
This was taken last August 17. We love Rairaiken! We keep on going back everytime we crave ramen, california maki, and gyoza. Lami kaayo! Rocco loves the food their too. Simot sarap when we give him his share of ramen.

We hope to keep this small family tradition of spending quality weekends with each other. It's always a much-needed breaker after a whole week of stressful work, plus Rocco is craving for our undivided attention, so we owe it to him to make weekends fun and memorable.

Saturday, September 7, 2013

One Life, Live It

 I really love how this photo captures the innocence of a child. This is exactly how I want Rocco's childhood to be. Full of fun, laughter, happiness and love. If he feels these all the time, then he will grow up to be a positive and well-rounded person.

Sometimes I wish we can always be child-like in nature. So full of life!


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