Monday, December 17, 2012

How was your weekend?

Mine was fun yet tiring! Hubby was and is still sick with flu so he is in isolation from the rest of the family. Mahirap na kung si Rocco ang mahawa because it will be really be hard for him, and for everyone.

Since hubby couldn't substitute for me, I spent the whole weekend running after and playing with my little boy. He is Mr. Energizer! From the moment he wakes up, play agad. Breakfast time is messy and chaotic with food sometimes flying around. I can't be too complacent anymore leaving Rocco in the high chair on his own even if he is strapped because he can still escape and stand on his high chair. Spell D-A-N-G-E-R. During bath time, it's still a riot! Our little boy super loves the water, kahit cold water pa! Kami na ang aawat sa kanya because he might catch a cold being exposed to too much cold water. During changing time, pahirapan! Ayaw palagay ng diapers, ayaw pa tooth brush, ayaw magdrink ng vitamins. Gusto play play play! Gladly though, I just take it all in stride and haven't lost my patience pa naman. Cute kasi! :)

We do have yayas who help us out but I still prefer taking care of Rocco as much as I can. I just hand him to them when I'm taking a bath, or eating. The rest of the time, he's with US. I think this is the reason why despite me being a working mom who is out of the house for 12-13hours a day, but the moment I am in the house, Rocco clings to me. Jelly na nga ang daddy sa sobrang pagka mama's boy ni Rocco :)

Going back, Saturday and Sunday just breezed by, and even if I am trying to be a super mom, I am but human, and I actually heaved a sigh of relief when my son finally fell asleep last night(after a gazillion attempts!!!). Because hubby was sick, he had to stay in the sick room so we won't be contaminated. Rocco must have missed his daddy so much because he kept on calling out PAPA PAPA PAPA non-stop. Napagod nalang ata kakatawag kaya natulog nalang siya :)
Next weekend, we're heading to Tacloban for the Holidays! I'm so excited!!!!

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  1. dropping by to say Happy New Year!
    may your 2013 be bigger and brighter!



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