Friday, August 5, 2011

I Want a FLIP UltraHD Pocket Cam

Once the baby is out, I'm pretty sure I'll be stacking up on pictures and videos of his/her every move. I guess it's pretty normal. I doted on my nephew and nieces too, what more for my own first born!

I do have a good SLR camera, which was a Christmas gift from hubby last 2010. Now I want a handy dandy videocam. I learned about Flip from and but it didn't interest me that much, until I chanced upon a discount at It's 50% off for only P4,500, and delivered free nationwide!

Ultra-powerful & ultra-compact Flip UltraHD Pocket Cam 8GB
I tried to search at Amazon to compare prices and in the US, it retails at a discounted rate of $78 which is roughly P3300 at the current exchange rate.

Oh well, gotta think if I'll have it bought in the US, or if I'll ever buy it at all. PRIORITIES!

If someone so rich reads this, I'd love to have this either as a Baby Shower Gift or Christmas Gift! :)

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