Monday, April 22, 2013

17 months :)

Dear Rocco,

Today you turn 17months old.

You are growing up so fast, and we are always left in awe of your wonderful milestones. Gone are your behaved days because now, you are truly full of energy!

You usually wake up late now, except when we turn off the aircon super early. When we do that, you wake up almost immediately and cry, with matching kamot in the head. It seems like you're telling us that it's hot. Hehe. As soon as you wake up, you check if we're awake. If not, you take time to wake us up, patiently saying "Mama Up, Papa Up" while slapping our faces. Sometimes we pretend to sleep some more just so we can hear you say those words over and over again. Of course when you become impatient, you use your ever powerful cry and we're left stumbling to wake up just to calm you down.

Morning is our bonding time. You love to eat a variety of food now, but for breakfast, Oatmeal and Duchmill is always the perfect combo for you. You love it when we walk around the village, and sometimes you find your little spot to squat, and then you poopoo. Sometime soon anak, Mama will find the energy to fully potty train you. Until then, you still have your diapers.

You can communicate well now, through words and sign language. You proudly say your name as "Coco", and you call me "Mama Ya" even when I teach you to say "Mama Yan" :) It's ok anak, soon you will learn to say my name correctly.

You know your body parts well, and I'm extremely amused that when I say "Where's your bubot?", you point to your butt while saying "Uu-uu" (popoo).

You have a lot of friends now, but are particularly close to Ate Misha, Badang, Hugo and Lucas. I do hope you cultivate your friendship with your village playmates because you will have a lot of adventures with them.

There are more stories to tell anak. It's only been 17months, and we're looking forward to more stories to tell you!



  1. D, may book ako pang potty train. 3 days lang. after nun, marunong na. pero kelangan ng attention sa kid. as in. sabi dun ideal age ng potty training is 18 months. gusto mo? si sopya, bago mag end ang day 1, marunong na.

  2. anong book? actually between rocco and i, ako ang parang hindi handa. haha! ang tamad na ina. sya kasi dami na signs na aware na sya sa poopoo nya, like lagi sya nagpupunta sa corner tapos nagssquat kapag nagpopoopoo. tapos alam na nya concept ng potty seat. kaso ako tamad ever. haha! pero cguro before sya nag 2yrs old ipopotty train ko na :)

    1. e book. msg mo ko email add mo D, send ko sa yo. effective. although mas madaling i train daw ang girls kesa boys. kelangan mong maging ready.



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