Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Doctor Trauma

When Rocco was still an infant, his pedia visits went by with a breeze. Walang hassle. Ang bilis lagi ng consultation. Everybody happy.

Until the little boy turned a year old.

Naturally because he's older now, he can remember people, places, experiences, especially the traumatic ones. Two months ago, we had a pedia sched for Rocco's vaccine. I think it was his last dose of the pneumoccocal vaccine (yung super mahal!). He cried a lot during that visit, but we thought he would eventually forget about it.

BUT NO! He remembered...QUITE WELL!

Last Saturday, we went back to his pedia for his MMR vaccine. He was still his usual active and happy self, playing around the clinic, while we were waiting for our turn. But the minute his pedia went out of the room to usher out another patient, he climbed on to me. Walang biro, talagang tumalon papunta sa akin, sabay hawak sa blouse, neck, at buhok ko. I told him not to be scared.

When we went inside the pedia's room, he started to cry uncontrollably. This is something new to us because Rocco is hardly a cry baby. He rarely cries, and so if he does, it really must be something.We couldn't even get his exact weight because he was clinging on to me while I was trying to put him down the weighing scale. His pedia tried to pacify him but he slapped her hand instead (HAHAHAHA!). When he saw the injection being prepared, he cried so hard that he wasn't breathing anymore for a few seconds, and started going blue. OMG! Naloka ako! He cried again and again, and sobrang nakakaawa na sya that I just wanted it to be done.

We restrained his leg and hands, and I covered his eyes so he wouldn't see the injection. He kept removing my hand from his eyes because he wanted to see what's going on. Ang tapang din.

He only stopped crying when we went out of the room. Grabe talaga ang trauma nya. Mawawala pa kaya yon? Makes we wonder how our next pedia visits will be kasi sobrang takot na nya sa doctor nya.
Maybe it's time to find another one.

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  1. Ammm, pwedeng andun takot pero eventually, medyo calm na. Kasi ako D, kapag mag pa injection or kuha ng blood di na ko umiiyak ng tulad ni Rocco. Hehehe. ako pala ang example hindi si Sophia. Takot ako sa injection di ko alam kung bakit. during our APE in Smart, talagang after ng whole exam, masakit ulo ko. Stressed. Normal lang yan. Sabi ko. Hehehe. Si Sopya, unti unti nawala. Basta ba sasabihan namin sya ahead of time. :-) Brave pa din Rocco! :)



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