Thursday, August 16, 2012

Five Years Ago, and Today

I still remember this day five years ago. I was sick and had really puffy eyes, and I took the day off from work so I could get some rest, because later that night, I would meet with my newfound friend from Cebu :) We met at Greenbelt, had dinner, stayed a while before he brought me home, and he headed off to his sister's place. The next day, we took off to a resort down south, and the rest is history :)

Our relationship started on impulse and spontaneity. I personally was living for the moment, being single and independent, and I was ready to test the waters. We really weren't sure if we would hit it off for a long time.

But we did. For over two years, we survived through phone calls, text messages, chat, video calling, and the occasional travels that we planned out together. After we hit the two-year mark, I was pretty sure that if we didn't take the relationship to the next level, then we were doomed.

And so, I made the most outrageous move that was so least expected of me. I quit my job in Manila and transfered to Cebu so we can physically be together. Talk about impulse and spontaneity again, but not once did I ever regret that decision, because if not for that, I bet I'll still be single now, and maybe wading on the flooded streets of Manila :)

Five years ago, I was a 24year old single and independent girl who was ready to rule the world.
Today, I am a 29year old wife & mother who easily succumbs to the whims of my husband and son.

Five years ago, I was still searching for the right love at the right time.
Today, I am overwhelmed with the love that my husband and son brings to my life.

Five years ago, I said yes to him.
Today, I'm so glad I did :)


  1. Yan, today is our 5th year anniversary! Hahaha. Magkasunod la pala kita?

  2. ava-- oo kaya magkasunod la kita, if not the same date :) yeeeee!! so when do i hear wedding bells?



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