Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Rocco starts on solids!

Some parents start their baby on solids as early as 3-5months old. We waited until Rocco turned 6 months before we introduced solids to him. He is highly allergic (like me) so his pedia advised us to wait until 6 months so his body would be more ready to accept solids.

I was actually bent on grinding our own rice and cook the cereal for him, but I haven't researched much about it, so I just bought Healthy Times organic brown rice cereals from Healthy Options. So expensive! I hope to find a better alternative that would also be as good.
Rocco woke up really early this morning and was fussy, slightly feverish at 37.4C. I think his body was reacting to his 6-in-1 vaccine yesterday. Buti nalang he didn't reject his first solid feeding. I was able to give him around 10 spoons of cereals. Not bad for the first time, pero messy pala talaga! Tomorrow I will make less because he can't finish everything pa, sayang naman. Exciting!

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