Thursday, July 19, 2012

Reflection: Juggling work and motherhood

Today was a very busy day at work. The past few weeks actually. It's hard to focus when my eyes are always watching the clock and too eager to go home.

I was supposed to go home early today because S had basketball, and I promised R that Mommy will be home earlier today. But I also had responsibilities at work, and as a project manager, I didn't want to leave my team hanging while I jetted off. So I hurried on with my pending tasks and delegated some to my trusted team members.

When I got to the taxi, I had a terrible headache from the air perfume, plus the driver was terrible. I was so dizzy when I arrived home, and wanted to lie down and close my eyes. But R woke up from his sleep, and he was crying. So I carried him from his crib and brought him upstairs so we can have our nightime sponge bath. He was irritable all throughout because he was sleepy.

I put him to sleep but had a hard time. R was a bit irritable because his sleep was interrupted. Finally, after almost an hour, he slept.

And that was the only time I started to breathe. I inhaled, exhaled, and closed my eyes for a good five minutes. After that, I felt better. Sometimes I wonder where I get all this energy. The stress is everywhere, but somehow, I manage to block them all off and just retain the positive.
Then I read this quote. Quite timely I must say. Juggling work and motherhood is NOT easy at all, but this is a great reminder that I should not be too hard on myself. I'm doing the best, and I guess that's more than enough already.

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