Sunday, March 25, 2012

Sunday is ❤

My childhood memory of Sundays include a family trip to the church, a special menu lovingly cooked and prepared by Mama for lunch, and then our choice of a gallon ice cream to eat for dessert while we watch our favorite Sunday movies. This is how we rolled when we were still young. I'm happy that my parents really made the effort to keep our Sundays especially memorable, because just thinking about it now makes me so happy as I look back on those days.

Now that I'm a mom myself, Sieg and I promised to each other that we would try to do the same for Rocco, and make our weekends always special for him.

Since Rocco is still a baby, we limit the places that we visit. We've been regularly bringing him to church every Sunday morning, then have a quick stroll around the park/mall, then eat lunch while he's downing his milk :)

It's so funny because every time we visit a place that is child-friendly, and with lots of cool amenities for
kids, we keep on imagining the time when we could bring Rocco along already. Exciting times!

Taken this morning after mass was finished. Rocco was his usual perky self.
Hope you guys had a fantastic weekend, like I did. 

xoxo, Dianey


  1. what a cute and happy baby!
    thanks for including me in your blogroll.

  2. thanks maqui! i read your blog regularly. you're inspiring and very creative!--- diane



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