Monday, March 19, 2012

Rocco's Christening Cake

I didn't really prepare anything for Rocco's christening, because his grandparents shouldered everything. Am I just so lucky or what?! :)

Grandma Flor & Grandpa Nitoy prepared the Church & Godparent requirements. Grandma Marlyn & Grandpa Tol prepared a really bongga reception. Grabe, food was overflowing! They requested it to be held in their home, and since Rocco is their first ever apo, I gave in. I'm glad I did because it was intimate and fun, with only family & close friends in attendance.

My only participation was choosing the cake, but still, I didn't have to pay a cent because it was a gift from Tita Dona and Ninong Junjo!

I didn't have any theme in mind so I just chose Spongbob & Friends :) Cute and colorful!
I also ordered cupcakes, and requested Rocco toppers. How cute and personalized can it be!

 It was a two-tiered chocolate cake. No styro foams, only layers of chocolate goodness!

 The cupcakes were yummy too! I chose the colors blue, yellow & white for the color theme :) Yummy!

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