Friday, March 23, 2012

Rocco is Four Months Old!

Happy four months to our dear Rocco! You've been a great blessing and a constant source of Dad & Mom's happiness. Thank you for being such a good baby, rarely cries and throws tantrums, and much to Mommy's delight, can follow instructions when being talked to.

I'm not sure if at this age, Rocco can already understand me when I talk to him, but most of the time, he really does follow what I tell him. Like when I tell him to open his mouth so I can wipe his gums, he opens his mouth. When I tell him to show me his tongue so I can wipe it too, he playfully shows his tongue. When I tell him to show me his neck during bath time so I can wash it well, he lifts his head up so I can wash his neck with ease. The list goes on and on. SO AMAZING!

Anyway, last night, I tried my best to go home early so I can spend more time with him on his 4th month. Sieg had practice so I went ahead of him. I'm so happy because when I arrived home before 7PM, Rocco was still awake!
At four months old, Rocco is developing really well. He is growing stronger and brighter everyday!
I constantly track his milestones, and so far, he's been doing great.

- He can straighten his back well and hold his head steadily.
- He can sit well with support. He loves doing this!
- He can lift his head and lean forward to reach for his toes.
- He brings anything he can hold on to his mouth. Name it- bib, pajamas, toys, lampin, etc. We have to be very careful not to put anything near him that might be a choking hazard.
- His vision is now very clear, even at a far distance. When I move his toys from left to right while standing from afar, his eyes follow where the toys go.
- He can roll from his tummy to back. He does this especially during early mornings!
- He makes a lot of sounds! I think he's trying to talk. When we look at him eye to eye, he starts yapping, as if trying to tell us something. He even talks to his toys. So cute!
- He can reach out his arms to grab his toys. He's also clingy. When I carry him in a cradle position to let him sleep. He holds my hand with both his hands. So touching.
- He can distinguish the difference between an angry voice and a friendly voice. He cries when I raise my voice, so I have to be very careful with this.
- He laughs a lot, as in a lot!
- He shows interest when I read books to him. He listens to me.
- He holds on to the corners of the bath tub when I put him in sitting position so he won't fall back. I never initiated this, so I was just surprised that he already knows cause & effect.
We love you so much Rocco! Thank you for teaching Mommy to smile more often :)

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