Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Picture Picture! (At 2M Old)

Having a baby brought back my interest in photography...baby photography, that is. We have tons of Rocco's pictures, and he's barely 4months old! What more, his grandparents in Tacloban keep asking for daily photo updates, so we have no choice but to keep snapping at our cute little shaolin.

Rocco is very "pawisin." His pajamas and over-alls are barely used. The only time he wore his footies was early January when it was raining like crazy.

Rocco received the Fisher Price rocker as a Christmas gift from his Uncle Antolin. He loved it so much that he slept in it, more than his crib. Thank you Uncle Antolin for the gift :)

Rocco LOVES to scratch his face. I don't know when he will outgrow that phase. Look at him, all red after he wakes up! What we do (since we can't do anything about the scratching) is to put mittens every night. His pedia told us to minimize using mittens because it doesn't help develop his sense of touch.

His Daddy dreams of the day he and Rocco will play basketball together. So imagine his delight when Rocco gave us the three-point sign. Oh well, we're just putting meanings to his innocent actions, but what the heck, the Daddy is still happy.

The rare time Rocco threw a tantrum, I couldn't help but take a picture. It was so cute! I didn't realize he was hungry, that's why he was crying. Bad mommy. Now I know.

Rocco was hospitalized a few days short of his 2nd month. Just thinking about it gives me a heartache. It's really true what they say that when you're a Mommy, you're willing to take all the pain, just spare the little child. 

After his hospitalization, Rocco started to like breastfeeding. I almost cried when he finally accepted my boobs. 

Such a cutie, my little shaolin :) He's a sleepyhead like me. He would literally doze off after feeding.

Rocco is a strong boy. He started lifting his head when he was barely 2months old. He kicks really hard. Now at 3 1/2months, he can already sit with support, hold his head, roll from side to side, and when held on a standing position, he can stretch his legs and stand with support.

With his Grandma Flor. I'm so blessed that Rocco has doting grandparents :)

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