Thursday, March 29, 2012

On Superstitions and Unsolicited Advice

While I was pregnant with Rocco, I was told to cover my belly, especially during my night time walks, to shoo away lurking bad elements.

When Rocco was finally born, I received a lot of unsolicited advice, which are mostly based from superstitions. I know they mean well, but sometimes, it can get to my nerves.

Just the other day, I was told to not let Rocco look at himself in the mirror because he won't be able to talk. Duhhh!!! Pls explain the correlation. All parenting sites actually encourage baby reflection time, because it stimulates their brain & vision.

I'm told to do this, and that, which I usually oppose to, simply because I feel it's not right for my child.

Looks like, everybody has a say, everybody else knows what's right, except the mommy.

So from now on, my new mantra is to not listen to unsolicited advice, even if it comes from well-meaning people. If I need one, I would ask for one.

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