Friday, March 9, 2012

My Latest Addiction...


I've been planning to build a collection of storybooks for Rocco, then make a small library in the house where he can read all the books that he might take interest in. My dilemma is, storybooks aren't cheap!

I'm so happy I found Booksale! From there, I discovered a lot of really great selections for children. AMAZING!!! These are the classic, hardbound or board books which are hard to find. What's great about Booksale is, by the name itself, the books are on sale! Imagine, a Dr.Seuss storybook for only 55petot!!! From now on, I will surely be a regular customer.

Tadaah! All nine storybooks for a measly sum of 400petot. Wagi for a kuripot like me :)

I searched through the racks, and even sat on the floor looking Dr. Seuss's storybooks. I managed to find only one. Maybe next time.
The title of this storybook is "The Many Ways I Love You." I love that it's a board book, and the pages are 3D :)

 The title of this book is "Spot's First Easter." It teaches the kid reader how to count, recognize colors, and shapes. Plus, it's interactive! You flip through some parts of the page to spot the easter eggs!
 This storybook is engaging to both the parent and the child. It tells of the many ways to tickle a child :) I can't wait to read this to Rocco while tickling him.

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