Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Monday Blues

I've always disliked Mondays, but the reasons now differ. I used to "hate" it because I don't get to wake up late in the morning. Those were the glory days of blessed singleness. Now that I'm a mom, I dislike it because it means yet again the start of a week spent away from my son. Motherhood is really tough, especially for working moms. For me, it's the "coping up" that I'm struggling with.

My sister tells me it's normal. My son will not take it against me. It's the quality time, not the quantity of time. I guess it's true. My mama has worked all her life, and we still love her so. I look up to her now more than ever, the way she raised us to be independent yet close-knit. My sister too is a working mom, yet her son still doodles after her. I think her case is worse, because she lives in Manila where everything else is stressful.

As for me, it's still a struggle, but getting better. I always look forward to the end of the day where I get to bond with my son through our bath time, book reading, holding hands, and just lying in bed. 

Last night, I was staring at Rocco while he was sleeping. I started talking to him telling him how much Mommy loves him. Then he smiled, while he was asleep.
That made me feel so good. It's as if my son was telling me, "It's OK Mommy, I understand. I love you too."

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