Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Rocco's First Plane Ride

I've heard and read horror stories of infants travelling via plane. I myself had apprehensions, so I armed myself with information on how to deal with Rocco in case he cries or show tantrums while travelling.

Our pedia advised us to let Rocco suck during plane take off and landing to ease off pressure from his ears. I didn't want to pop-out my boobs in the plane, and we never used a pacifier with him, so my option was to bottle-feed him. I adjusted his feeding schedule, so it would be easier to feed him during the flight.

So last February 9, we all trooped to the airport for our first Tacloban vacation. I'm so proud of Rocco because he did not give me a hard time. As if on cue, during take off, he drank his milk, then fell asleep. I didn't wake him up during landing, because he was still fast asleep. As if on cue again, just about the time that the FA announced our safe landing, he woke up and smiled. AMAZING!

Rocco doesn't like loud noise, so I just cradled him for comfort while waiting for our boarding.
I think I was more agitated than Rocco. He was so cool all throughout the trip!
Rocco smiled a lot, which really relaxed me!
Pretending to be scared. LOL. 
Rocco's first boarding pass.

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