Tuesday, March 6, 2012

My Bubbly 3Month Old

Rocco is starting to show his personality. I'm so happy that he's a happy child. He didn't take after his moody mommy. Fingers crossed, I hope he will continue to be a bubbly little darling.

So happy during his nightly sponge bath.

His pedia was so amused because he was all giddy :)

His face had red spots because of his constant scratching, but still he was super smiley while Daddy was changing his diaper.

 Still attempting to smile even if Rocco is already sleepy.

 He can dig girls with this smile :)

The really cute smile.

This has got to be the winner of the best baby smile award. Priceless!!!

Rocco and his mischievous smile.

My heart melts when he laughs at my jokes. 

He's really a bubbly boy. Rarely cries.

Happy with his toys, and happier that Mom and Dad are home.

I wish I took a video of this. He was choking from too much laughing. So funny.

Rocco and his toothless grin. His smile is so infectious!

He obviously got excited for his first mass trip.

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