Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Some Yaya Lovin'

The bad thing about being a working mom, is leaving my son at home with his yayas during the day. I feel bad everytime I rush to work. I try putting Rocco to sleep before we leave, that way, I wouldn't feel guilty when his "wawa" eyes look at me while I'm saying my goodbyes.

Thank God I have yayas who care for my son. And not just care because it's their job, but they really do love my son. My mommysense says so. At least I wouldn't have too worry to much. There are limitations of course to their caring, like no kissing, too much cuddling, or cute-name calling,. These are reserved for mom & dad.

Honestly though, I know how hard it is to look for yayas. So far, I've been very blessed in this department. I just pray that they don't leave until Rocco is a teenager (if it's not too much to ask :P)

Thank you Ate Clarizel and Ate Alen!

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