Thursday, March 15, 2012

A Jar of Hope to Shoo the Fly Away

As a first time mommy, I'm always wary of anything that might cause harm to my son, Rocco. I'm mostly paranoid about toxic baby products, and pesky insect (read: mosquito and ant) bites.

Back when I used to live with my sister, mosquitos would swarm all over me instead of my sister. Until now, I get MORE bites out of nowhere, compared to Sieg or the girls in the house.

My son has inherited my skin type. Even if we put a mosquito net on his daybed, or change his beddings regularly, he still ends up with bites. So I vowed to put an end to this.

I searched the internet for good products which are baby safe. I came across a lot of products, but somehow, after reading reviews, I was not convinced, UNTIL I learned about Indigo Baby.

Meet "Shoo Fly Don't Bother Me." It's an all natural product with therapeutic grade essential oils, and with citronella, a proven insect repellant. I've been using this product on Rocco, along with Human Nature Insect Repellants, and so far, the bites have lessened! Though it's all natural, I still avoid putting this on his hands because he bites, licks and eat his hands a lot.

And this is my absolute favorite, "Jar of Hope First Aid Gel." From the name itself, it really is a jar of hope. It serves so many purpose, from insomnia, motion sickness, rashes, cuts and wounds, but I particularly love it because it can instantly lessen inflammation from insect bites. I've tried it many times on Rocco, and his insect bites would be gone in a day, without the unsightly dark marks! AMAZING! The product says it can also help with baby's teething. I'm excited to try it soon!

The products are available online through Indigo Baby. Just google them :)

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