Monday, July 16, 2012

Being a working mom...

I guess my corporate life in a way, prepared me for motherhood. For me, multi-tasking is key. Since Rocco started on solids, I wake up early in the morning to prepare his food. It's a daily ritual of pureeing veggies & fruits, and cooking home-made cereals. I want to be on top of Rocco's needs, so I prepare his food myself. That way, I'm sure it's clean and well-prepared.

After breakfast, I bathe Rocco. His yayas help me hold the apparatus, because my hands are already full just making sure the baby will not knock himself out. Super likot! After bathing, I give him his vitamins, and then give him milk, and then put him to sleep. And then I eat breakfast. If he doesn't sleep, his Daddy holds him while I prepare myself for work. 

It's a daily ritual which we've lived by for more than 7months and counting. While at work, I constantly check on Rocco. At first, I was often guilty of being away from him for most of the day. I would always be in a hurry to go home, because I feared that Rocco would love me less, and love his yaya more. I used to think that because I'm working, Rocco would prefer to be with his yaya, rather than with me. I guess that's the main struggle of working moms.

But it's actually not the case. Despite the fact that I'm working, I'm proud to say that the moment I am home, he only wants to be with me. He doesn't look for his yaya at all. When other moms would feel suffocated when their children are too clingy, I relish on the attention that my son gives me on those short but sweet quality time together. 

My son is just a baby, and I know marami pa akong kakaining bigas. But I guess I had a good start, so it's just a matter of mastering the art of being a working mom. It's not that hard actually, because my heart is into it, and I'm enjoying every single bit of the journey.

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