Monday, April 2, 2012

I think Rocco is teething!

Yes, my baby is teething! I didn't expect it to happen this early, because he is only four months old. Usually, symptoms appear on the sixth or seventh month.

It started a few days ago, when he refused to milk. Then he began rubbing his gums and biting on his finger. I thought all the while that he was thumb-sucking, but he didn't make the sucking sound, so I observed more closely.
He's also drooling so heavily. A bib won't last an hour, because it gets wet easily from all the wiping. Then just this weekend, Rocco became so irritable, especially during feeding time. When I checked his gums, they were swelling a bit, and whitish, which according to my brother, are signs of teething.  I massaged his gums with a wet washcloth, dipped in ice-cold water, and he really liked it! Yesterday, I bought a gel-type teether which hopefully will help my baby with his pain. If the swelling progresses, it's time to use Xylogel.

Haaaay, my baby is growing! Soon, he'll be eating solids!!!

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