Monday, July 30, 2012

At Army Navy

We visited our new house yesterday because we had some works done before we finally transfer next week. I was hesitant to bring Rocco because he was sleeping, but what the heck, I want my son with me on a weekend, so I scooped him out of bed even while he was sleeping, and off we went to visit our new house.

We finished around 2PM and we didn't eat lunch yet. We were thinking of going to the mall, then I remembered Army Navy. We were supposed to eat here a few weeks back with the Crisostomo Family, but it didn't push through that time. Since Sieg was as hungry as I am, we decided to eat there and overload on carbs :)
I ordered steak burrito, while Sieg ordered the huge burger. We tasted their freedom fries and libertea, and oh well, lasang french fries at iced tea pa rin :)

It was a really fun family bonding, just the three of us. As much as possible, we don't bring yayas along, unless we're out to treat them. Rocco was with me all the time. He remained behave in his high chair, and ate some biscuits while Mommy & Daddy were loading up.

Haaaay, how I love weekends!

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  1. Eeeee ang cute cute ni Rocco. I'm following your blog na Diane. :) I'll be in Cebu this September, hopefully I'd get to see your house na. Take care always! :)



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