Monday, July 16, 2012

The psychology behind baby solid feeding

When Rocco started on solids, he would only eat so little. I understood it that time because it's a transition for babies to start eating solid food. Then he add some allergies, particularly with banana, so I tried to limit the food that I introduced to him. Then he got constipated from apple, and I cried so hard over it because he was in so much pain and I had no choice but to insert a suppository to relieve his constipation.

That started by daily struggle with solid feeding. I've tried different variations of food, but mostly still pureed because Rocco cannot munch semi-solid food yet. Still, he would rarely eat, or would take only so little. One time, out of desperation, his yaya used a dropper to feed the pureed food directly to his mouth because he would resist the spoon. His other baby contemporaries that I know of are such easy eaters and I envy how they could eat so much. I would hear stories of a baby eating a whole bowl 3x a day, or another one that is already eating table food.

And I'm like WOW, yet here I am struggling to feed my baby...

I consulted Rocco's pedia about this, and she shared my sentiments, but still pushed me to be more patient. Consistency is the key. She said the average times a parent must attempt to feed her baby (at a single feeding) before he takes the food is 20x. I actually answered 5x, so that fact that it's 20x means I need to stretch my patience more :)

This morning, I cooked some powdered brown rice and mixed it with steamed squash. I gave some to Rocco. We started around 730am and ended at 830am. He slowly took the food after I tirelessly offered the spoon to him. He actually ate a lot.  Not bad! Hopefully, next time he would concentrate more and finish eating faster :)

PS: Rocco finally learned how to use a sippy cup. Goodbye droppers!

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