Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The feet are made for walking :)

Rocco is becoming more and more independent. Early this morning, I was patting his leg so he could sleep, and suddenly he kicked my arm. I stopped patting, and he closed his eyes and slept. Haaay, my baby is surely growing up. I keep telling Sieg that we should take pictures and videos more often because days pass by so quickly, and before we know it, he's going to walk, and run.

Speaking of walking, Rocco loves his walker. I know some countries ban its use, but Rocco is such an active baby, and it's really tiring to carry him around the whole day, while his jumping and climbing on me all the time. Sometimes, he squirms out of my hands because he doesn't want to be held. At a very young age, he already insists on his independence and the need for his own space. The walker is my solution! I just put him there and put on his walking shoes, and voila, both Rocco and I are happy and stress free.
He doesn't have much legroom to move around because our apartment living room is small. Hopefully when we move into our slightly bigger home, he would have more space to practice walking.

PS. My baby boy is vain like me. He loves looking at himself in the mirror. With his walker on, he goes to the mirror a lot and smiles at himself. Cuuuute!

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