Monday, July 30, 2012

My active boy!

I'm enjoying Rocco more and more! Everyday, he never fails to surprise us with his new milestones. Kids these days are growing up too fast, and if we're not paying enough attention, then we would definitely miss out on a lot of good stuff.

I'm happy I was able to capture one fave milestone of Rocco. You see, he is in the active stage already so it's hard to hold the camera and take pictures of him, while making sure he doesn't knock his head in a split second that he isn't attended to.
Last Saturday, Yaya Alen told us that Rocco can already stand well on his crib. He's been doing this pattern for a while now, climbing on everything he can climb on. I guess his motor skills are becoming more and more coordinated. At first, he could stand tall when pulled up, then he could walk when guided by the hand, and naturally, the next thing for him is to practice his newly learned skills. He did try it again last Sunday and I freaked out because he is almost at waist level of the crib edge and can really fall over. I immediately asked Sieg to lower down the crib.

It's just amazing seeing a child grow. Maybe next, he would walk on his own. It's even amazing because when we put him in his walker, he can maneuver it on his own already. Actually, we're not even actively practicing Rocco to learn how to walk. We realized, it's a developmental milestone, and it will happen at his own pace, when he is ready. Sabi nga ni Sieg, huwag daw namin madaliin na makalakad si Rocco. It got me thinking too. Oo nga, maybe when he walks on his own, I wouldn't be able to hug, kiss and smell him as much as I do now.

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