Monday, July 30, 2012

A Wedding at Amara

Last Saturday, we witnessed the wedding of the remaining single guy among Sieg's close circle of friends. All of them are married now, and priorities have changed so it gets harder to see each other outside of work. It was a welcome retreat for us to have a mini-reunion, along with our little ones in tow.

 I was excited to check Amara because I haven't been there. It's an exclusive subdivision developed by Ayala Premier. The place is beautiful because it is naturally cinematic. Because it is overlooking the waters, the air is so fresh and breathtaking. We heard from the grapevines that the minimum cost of a lot is 20K/sqm, and the house cost must not be lower than 3M. Haaay, when will I ever win the Lotto! :)
We brought Rocco along who was his usual active self. Thank God he got tired and slept for a while. The stroller raincover was put into good use because it rained a bit.
 Sieg's friends are also daddies now. Rocco was crying in the right side picture because he wanted me to carry him. Super mama's boy :)
 The newlyweds, Joms & Sweet Dumaquita. They had their reception at the Amara clubhouse. The food was catered by Cafe Laguna. Super yummy, though I wasn't able to enjoy it that much because I was busy attending to Rocco. Dakilang ina lang ang peg ko :)

We headed home around 8PM because the little boy was getting cranky already. I didn't see the lighthouse which is the highlight of the place. Next time :)

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