Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Rocco is Lean & Long

Yesterday, we went again to the Pedia Clinic for Rocco's 7th month immunization. He was supposed to get his vaccine last June 22, on his exact month date, but we postponed it because he was still sick from cough/colds & fever.

I was a bit sad because Rocco lost 0.2kg of his weight. Hirap na hirap na nga ako patabain ang anak ko, nagbawas pa ng timbang. His pedia said this is OK and normal because he just got sick. His feeding pattern will return to normal, and looks like it's normalizing already.

Anyway, another reason why Rocco is not fattening up is maybe due to genes. He is actually long and lean, like his Daddy, unlike Mommy who is long but plump. Hehehehe Kidding aside, Sieg said mahirap patabain si Rocco sa sobrang likot nya. SOBRA! He's like a kiti-kiti. One time, he wanted to get hold of the Pampers Plastic which is colored orange (he is super attracted to the color orange). He was impatient to crawl, so he literally jumped on the bed like a frog so he could reach the plastic in no time!  Mukhang may napagmanahan. I remember my FIL said that when Sieg was younger, he was like that too, super likot, and the only way he would stop is if he was sick.

This was last night before bedtime. Of course, we had to play first. Super funny because Rocco's favorite gigil attack lately is biting my face, as in literally biting anything that he could bite from me. From my jaws, my cheekbones, my nose, and even pulling my dear hair. He does that only to me. Sieg said I should wash my face often na daw because I'm becoming Rocco's teether na :)

P.S. Rocco gets a lot of complement because he has a charming smile. I super agree. My baby boy super loves to smile, and is always prepared when I take his photos :)

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