Monday, July 9, 2012

Rocco & Woody

We've been looking for an Elmo stuff toy that isn't so expensive because Rocco seems to be fascinated with Elmo. I checked at Rustan's and the talking Elmo is expensive. I don't wanna pay 1K above for a stuff toy.

Last Saturday, we checked some kiddie stores at Parkmall which our friend Fiona recommended. We found a huge Elmo toy, but still freaking expensive.

We browsed some more and found Woody and Buzz Lightyear. Sieg wanted to buy Buzz, but I liked Woody. I actually wanted both, but we try to limit Rocco's toys so he would not get spoiled. We bought Woody instead.
Rocco was so happy and played for quite a while with Woody. It got me thinking, do toys really talk? If yes, then Woody would have a lot of stories to tell because Rocco is one charming boy :)

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