Wednesday, August 1, 2012

My life these days...

In between attending to my son and working, I'm so occupied with a gazillion things to do, that sometimes, I find myself overwhelmed with them all. Moving out is really stressful because we have a kid, and nothing is simple and easy when you have a kid. My time becomes limited, and even the things I need to accomplish must be done either while I'm at work, or when the baby is finally asleep.

I'm trying to jot down the mental list I have right now:
- Call landlord and verify payback of security deposit
- Buy a lot of packaging tapes
- Instruct helpers on how to organize packing, make sure to label each pack
- Go to Globe to have landline & mobile transfer.
- Call Unicable to cut cable line.
- Call Cignal to request for connection.
- Call aluminum steel door maker to sched for measurement.
- Call glass panel maker to sched for bathroom measurement.
- Coordinate deliveries of appliances.
- Finalize movers.
- Make final inventory of boxes and things that will be moved out.
- Make final inspection at new house before transfer. Make a punchlist for the inspection.
- Plan out final transfer on weekend. Who goes first? Who will do final cleaning? Where will baby stay?

And I'm not even halfway through with my list.
I'm really looking forward to finally settling down and have a nice & quiet weekend where the whole family just stays in bed until 5PM without taking a bath. That would be the most relaxing and perfect day ever!

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