Monday, July 23, 2012

The Lucky 8!

I definitely have an active boy! Now that Rocco is 8months old, his motor skills are definitely developing REALLY fast! He is SO ACTIVE, that the word active becomes an understatement. Sometimes, I'm afraid the yaya can't hold him down when it's just them during weekdays. I can just imagine how it'll be when he learns how to walk. Well, I can't complain though, because I'm blessed enough to have a healthy baby who is developing well.

Some of his very notable milestones:
  • He's such a talker now. He can say mama, papa, yaya, mami, dadi, ayabu, agi, agidaw, memem (for milk) clearly.
  • He's 2 front teeth already erupted.
  • He can navigate his walker on his own. Great hand and feet coordination.
  • He has a firm grasp already. He can hold a ball for hours.
  • He's having serious separation anxiety, especially from me!
  • He definitely recognizes people around him.
  • He's super playful! People are so charmed by his smile & playful aura.
  • He can crawl, climb, stand when pulled, leap when crawling.
  • Can turn the pages of his books.
  • Definitely knows how to manipulate Mommy! Hahahaha! I still have to brush up my disciplining skills.
  • He has developed his preferences already, be it to his favorite toy, person or music.
  • He now has a head full of hair :) 
Happy 8th Month Rocco!! 
Mommy and Daddy are looking forward to having more adventures with you!

PS: Thank you Grandpa Nitoy for the yummy cake :)

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