Thursday, May 3, 2012

My Household Girls

I value our helpers so much. I realize their value now more than ever, because I'm already a mom and a wife running a household. It's so HARD to find a decent helper nowadays. If you find a really good one, then you've hit a jackpot!

Our Girl #1 was supposed to be Rocco's yaya, but we switched her to be the household help instead because she was too scared to hold Rocco when he was still a newborn. She used to be so timid, seldom talked, never gave us eye contact. I think it's partly my fault, because I used to scold her a lot, even for her little mistakes. I just gave birth that time, so tired and feeling fugly, and I lashed out on her all my pent-up emotions (haha!). But that was just a short time. Over the months, she learned her job, became really efficient and so hardworking. I have to tell her to rest, because she just goes on and on. I'm extra happy because she knows how to cook now, and even whips out her yummy version of chicken adobo and beefsteak.

Our Girl #2 is the yaya of Rocco. I don't want to call her yaya. I actually address her as "Ate" when I talk to Rocco, because I want her to feel that she's a part of the family. She used to be our household help, but things did not turn out well with Girl #1 who we initially hired to be the yaya, so we switched their roles. I'm so happy we did because they work at their best now. Both are so efficient, and really work in tandem, so everybody is happy. 

Going back to Girl #2, I'm especially fond of her because I honestly feel that she cares for my son. She loves playing with him, is very patient, and careful with him. She's also freaking neat with her work, that sometimes I wish I can be as neat as her. I especially love how she does our bed, no crumples, not a single visible dust, and everything is just spic and span. I hope she stays with us until Rocco is a teenager. I will have a major heartbreak if she leaves!

My mama always reminds me to treat the girls well. It's not an easy job being a helper/yaya, so the best that we can do, aside from paying them well, is to treat them with respect and make their life more bearable.

Our girls eat with us. Whatever food is served in the table, that's what they eat too. I never forget to leave money for their snacks. I give them my old clothes. When we go out on Sundays, we bring them along so they can also taste resto food and window shop. So they can save extra, I absorb their monthly grocery expense. When I have extra moolah, I always give them add-on bonuses, aside from their 13th month pay. On their birthdays, I buy them cake and ice cream, and give them extra so they can treat or buy whatever they want. Last Christmas & New Year, I gave them additional load so they can call their families back home. When we go home for vacation and bring Girl#2 along, we always give her days off so she can visit her family. Now, I'm planning to enroll Girl #2 to SSS and Philhealth so she can have more benefits.

The list goes on, and I hope we can do more for them. It's not much, compared to their tireless service and dedication for our little family.

Haaaay, I think I'm on emo mode because Girl#1 is leaving soon :(  She asked permission that she will go home in a month to pursue her studies. She said that her uncle will shoulder her college tuition in a local college at the province. I really don't want her to go because I've grown fond of her, despite the fact that we had a love-hate relationship at the start. But it's her chance of a better future, and I don't want to deprive her of that. I just hope we can find a good replacement.

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